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  1. Nancy McClelland

    The ban game

    I ban you, well, because I can!
  2. Nancy McClelland

    New Member and Mom to 10 year old bunny

    I give our older buns a joint supplement.
  3. Nancy McClelland


    Welcome to the forum
  4. Nancy McClelland

    The ban game

    I ban you both for being slackers!
  5. Nancy McClelland

    Rabbit pooping in areas not supposed to

    Rabbits poop to mark territory--so, if they pee in a pan then they are usually as trained as it gets. We've rescued more than sixty over a few decades and only 2 would use their pan in their hutch for every need. The rest used their pans but would also mark the room with poop--why I have a...
  6. Nancy McClelland

    Meet Cinnamon!!

    very cute
  7. Nancy McClelland

    Checkout this cool chicken YouTube channel!!!

    We used to have Leghorns and Rhode Island Reds--huge eggs from both and white and brown.
  8. Nancy McClelland


    We used to live in the Bay Area--howdy.
  9. Nancy McClelland

    What breed are these bunnies?

    I thought the first 2 were Lions and the last one looks like a Dust Bunny or Angora.
  10. Nancy McClelland

    Can rabbits have Green beans with the seeds?

    Been giving mine for 2 decades--half of one with their other veggies with no ill effects--they were on the list of acceptable veggies I got from my vet.
  11. Nancy McClelland

    An Unexpected Guest

    So sorry for your loss.
  12. Nancy McClelland

    is my rabbit getting sick or just mad at me?

    As long as there are no other signs of sickness, she's probablyupset with you--rabbits are creatures of habit and do not like change, and they will hold onto to grudges, sometimes for months. I'd check the ingredients on the new bag of food againt the old one if you still have the bag...
  13. Nancy McClelland

    The ban game

    I ban you for not having "crazy chickens"!
  14. Nancy McClelland

    Behavior change after moving into a new apartment

    When we moved here, 600+ miles, our avatar bunny Nikki, took 4 months to go back to "normal" for her. The others only took a couple of days--one thing I do know for sure is that they are creatures of habit and some just don't take to changes too well. Maybe bunny a proof an area inside that is...
  15. Nancy McClelland

    Adopt or Not?

    I think one by itself would be okay. Known quite a few that were solo's and they were fine.
  16. Nancy McClelland

    Boarding needed

    Ask your vet staff if they know someone reliable or any rescue outfit near to you--we are currently bun sitting for a member that we met 10 years ago who was asking if anyone in our area knew where he could board his bunny for a week. Told him to bring her over--we have been doing it off and on...
  17. Nancy McClelland

    Meet Nelli

    So cute!
  18. Nancy McClelland

    Rabbit pause?

    I always remember a posting here from a decade or longer ago--"cats have staff, dogs have owners, but rabbits have slaves".
  19. Nancy McClelland

    What breeds are they?

    They do look like mixes rather than a purebreed--all we care is happy and healthy as all of ours are rescues and we didn't know much about their history. One was a "mixed mini male" that was a female, part dwarf and Havana. My favorite from a shelter was an "English spot mix, probably 9 months...