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  1. Devi

    How best to transition a bunny from pen to full-time house bunny

    I have a Netherland dwarf bunny named Low Toner, he's neutered fully healed it's been over a month since his surgery, he'll be a year old in February sometime. And even before that since I brought him home and first let him run around the house he will rattle the door of his 16sq foot pen to...
  2. Devi

    Farewell BunBun

    Last year on Oct 11 We lost Lady. And now today, a little over a year later, BunBun has followed her across the bridge. He was diagnosed with arthritis a little over a month ago and from there he rapidly declined. At the time the vet said from his bloodwork it could have been arthritis or...
  3. Devi

    Arthritis in bunnies question.

    My 6 yr old lion head lop mix. Has significant arthritis in his right leg, we took him to the vet due to weight loss ( lost near a pound on a 3lb bunny) and loss of appetite, and the fact he stopped using the litter pan. As well as laying around and being abnormally aggressive. That's when we...
  4. Devi

    food advice needed.

    I want to switch the food of my remaining bunny. so I am wondering if this will be a good choice, it seems better than the current pellets: Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Adult Rabbit Food
  5. Devi

    Farewell Lady

    Lady passed today. She stopped grooming and eating. And the vet found her to be in liver and kidney failure in spite of our efforts to help her. So we made the difficult choice to have her put to sleep so she wouldn't be in pain anymore. Her firey queen attitude will be missed. Even the...
  6. Devi

    bunny on antibiotics.

    my female bunny Lady is currently on antibiotics for a really bad sludge and infection in her bladder. Her bladder lining is also enlarged which the vet is hoping is just infection, she has finished 8 days of her ten-day treatment. But so far her litter habits are still really bad and I've gone...
  7. Devi

    Excessive grooming

    It's a issue with the female of my bonded pair she is excessively grooming the male to the point he has a bald spot between his shoulders and it's growing. And when I say excessively grooming I mean she's grooming him at least a minimal of 9 times in the course of 2 minutes. Any help on how to...
  8. Devi

    Question on stalled bonding

    Ok, I been trying to bond 2 neutered males. The oldest is Bun bun at 2yrs and been neutered for 1 year now the youngest is Cotton he is 8-10months old and has been neutered for four months now. It's been up and down but today's session left me baffled Cotton tried request grooming from Bun bun...
  9. Devi

    Bonding two males.

    Ok, I started bonding two neutered males yesterday. I picked a neutral area for them both. My 2 year old lion head mix BunBun with a 5 month old lion head Cotton Puff. Their first meeting went with a lot of sniffing each other, both circling each other to while sniffing both had their ears...
  10. Devi

    Bunny grass

    I was thinking of getting a planter flat and use it to plant my bunny his own grass for inside his pen, so he has year around access to yummy grass to nibble on that I know won't be contaminated when the people in the area spray their yawns and such.
  11. Devi

    Cool concept but bad long term for the bunny
  12. Devi

    Bonding question

    I am thinking of rescuing a rabbit pair. Their a 3 yr old fixed male/female bonded pair. And I was wondering what are the risks of trying to bond a third to their already established bond. And is trio bonding possible and how would one go about doing it?
  13. Devi

    Changes in bunny behavior.

    I posted earlier on my bunny (1 yr old) lack of pooping and eating, as well as weight loss a short time after eating some the foam play floor squares. He got better for a time after I took him to the vet, the vet noted he had a full stomach and empty intestines and put him on critical care and...
  14. Devi

    Changes in rabbit habit

    My 1 year old bunny (not neutered yet saving for it) has for the last couple weeks has changed his habits. Normally he can be found lounging as close to the household activities as he can get and racing around his enclosure very active as well as being a piggy with his food and hay. But...
  15. Devi

    Darth Fluffles

    This is BunBun Aka Darth Fluffles. He is a 1 yr old unaltered male loinhead/lop mix, he is very curious and laid back nothing gets to him. He is a working rabbit therapy for a Autistic child his calm nature helps in calming his boy as well has providing valuable empathy trainingabout non humans.
  16. Devi

    How much cage room does a flemish need?

    I was thinking on getting a Flemish, but I have no clue how big of a Cage one would need. My current bun, has a 4'x4' exo pen with 5 story ferret cage. I am not sure if this would be enough or if more room would be needed.
  17. Devi

    New bunny

    Well I decided to add to my bunny family, a new 8wk old male mini lop Faeber to go with my 1 yr old male lop loin head X BunBun. The first image is Faeber and the second is BunBun I am currently starting the bonding process by simple visits and cage exchanges to get them use to each other...
  18. Devi

    Bleeding bunny

    ok, My bunny has somehow managed to rip off a entire section of his claw so only a tiny part is left coming from the toe on his front paw and it's bleeding. I am wondering how do I handle this situation, he doesn't seem distressed or in pain less you touch the paw (obviously). He is hopping...
  19. Devi

    Craigslist rabbit this is a listing for a 3 year old Velveteen rabbit this is Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC . Posted up as for free.
  20. Devi

    5yr old holland lop needs new home asap (RESOLVED)

    Duchess is a sweet cuddly 5 year old lilac Holland lop in need of a experienced quiet home with lots of room to hop around and regain muscle lost from her years of being stuck in a breeder cage. Her former owner put her up for free and didn't care if she went to a home that even knew how to...