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  1. toyabrooke

    Safe Mite Treatment for 7 Week Old Baby Lop

    Hi everyone, We have a 7 week old lop (his mum passed away when he was 5.5 weeks old, which is why we have him so young), and I have just noticed since bringing him home 2 days ago that he has mites. Everywhere online says that you can only use flea treatments after 8 weeks so I have two...
  2. toyabrooke

    How to treat Bed Bugs with a free range bunny

    Hi all, I have 6 year old Netheeland Dwarf who moved to Boston from Australia with me and my husband 2 years ago. We are currently overseas and our rabbit sitter who is looking after our apartment and fur child believes we have bed bugs!!! She has been to the doctor with rashes and bites, and...
  3. toyabrooke

    Where are all the Aussies?

    Was in Brisbane, Qld, and now just moved to Sydney, NSW with our 2 year old Netherland Dwarf Horatio ^___^
  4. toyabrooke

    HELP - moved and now not toilet trained

    Thanks Laura you are so right. I guess he just seems so happy and normal in our new home I didn't realise I still need to take things slow with him! He hops and runs round and does big flops - I was so excited because he just seemed to instantly love it! Do you think putting him in his house...
  5. toyabrooke

    HELP - moved and now not toilet trained

    OK I thought I would start to do that from today. He also had his first ever vaccination last week - could that also be a factor? How come you have to re-train a rabbit to be toilet trained when they clearly know how to do it/where to do it from their last 2 years of doing it??? Just so...
  6. toyabrooke

    HELP - moved and now not toilet trained

    Hi, I have a 2 and--bit year old Netherland Dwarf named Horatio. We have had him for over two years. He is an inside bunny, fixed, and until now, was perfectly toilet trained. When we first got him, I did everything by the book - started with a small space and slowly made it bigger, only...
  7. toyabrooke

    HELP!!! Found a rash while brushing

    So do you think he made it himself? My mum thinks (and we agree) that he has grazed it from going under our bed so much. He loves to run really fast under our bed and back out again at least 20 times a day! Each time he does it he ducks his head under but the rest of his body knocks the bed...
  8. toyabrooke

    HELP!!! Found a rash while brushing

    It seems that the hair is much thinner over the rash, and is thinning over his shoulder blades in general. Could he be a rash from grazing that same spot on his back over and over? Because he loves to run under our bed but always does it so quick and he doesn't always fit straight away so I...
  9. toyabrooke

    HELP!!! Found a rash while brushing

    It's just red but there are red blood spots up close to the skin. It doesn't seem like a cut or a graze kind of rash and definitely not from me brushing - I just use a 'nubrush' that people can use because he barely ever sheds and I only need to brush him when the seasons change dramatically. It...
  10. toyabrooke

    HELP!!! Found a rash while brushing

    Oh and he also has no bedding now because it is getting hotter and just has come carpet strips along the bottom of his house, and then 2 big tiles on each level up after that to keep him cool. I can see no sign of fleas or mites on him. We used a flea comb when we first got him because we...
  11. toyabrooke

    HELP!!! Found a rash while brushing

    While I was brushing Horatio today I round a small bloody spotted rash near the back of his neck. The hair seems thinner there (but it could also be because he is shedding due to Australian Summer coming), but it is only a small patch and then the skin goes normal. He is acting his normal...
  12. toyabrooke

    My Horatio: A Little Dwarf with a Big Heart ♥

    He loves it! He especially loves the soft fluffy floor on top of his cottage. He is getting much better with the ramp too. He will have it nailed in now time ^____^ We are so glad he can have some more room now. Not that he was in a tiny cage before, but now I don't have to worry when I am...
  13. toyabrooke


    My mummy just finished it! Ray is very excited.
  14. toyabrooke

    My Horatio: A Little Dwarf with a Big Heart ♥

    Ray's new home made cage! My mum made it - She is quite the builder ^____^
  15. toyabrooke

    What to use as flooring?

    Lino is perfect to clean and good for the bunny too! :D
  16. toyabrooke

    1 year on, my rabbit is still pretty hostile.

    I'm also interested to know if rabbits can remain aggressive their whole life just due to their personality. After all, they are just like us and are all very different from each other, so of course there has to be some bad eggs right? Our Napoleon will go out of his way to attack us! He is so...
  17. toyabrooke

    Our newest addition...introducing Nestle Quick...

    He looks just like my Horatio! :D
  18. toyabrooke

    Picky veggie eater

    Aw thank you Karen. He is VERY spoilt and very loved. You should see how many toys he has!! More than a small child! I might try some Parsley with him next and see how he likes that, and then if not move on to the more solid things. Dudley back at mums only really eats the really solid...