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  1. Jen Swank

    New bun bun

    Thank you they are pretty special!!
  2. Jen Swank

    New bun bun

    Awe thanks I definitely agree with you!!🥰
  3. Jen Swank

    New bun bun

    Thank you!! Yes trio bonding is one of my concerns. I plan on bonding them slowly, getting to know each other in cages side by side for a while then when I see signs of them being comfortable with each other will start small bonding sessions in neutral area. Either way we have room for all...
  4. Jen Swank

    New bun bun

    We have recently added a 3rd holland lop male. His name is Boaz aka Bobo. He is the sweetest little boy, so affectionate. We are so in love! He was neutered recently so we need to wait about 6 weeks before I start bonding process with my pair Blossom and Baxter.
  5. Jen Swank

    New bun bun mommy !!

    Awe he's so happy he's rescued!! ❤
  6. Jen Swank

    New member, hello!

    Welcome to the forum!! Bunnies can be a lot of work, but so worth it!! I love my 2 holland lops.
  7. Jen Swank

    Throw your rabbit names at me!

    My sweet girl bun is Blossom 🌸
  8. Jen Swank

    Mulyi tier cat cage for bunnys?

    When we first brought our buns home we also had very minimal space. I purchased a two story small hutch so they could have more space and be able to move around more while I was at work. They loved it! They would go up and done the two levels. They got more exercise when I let them out after...
  9. Jen Swank

    Overweight newborn?

    I actually had the same thing happen some years ago when I was breeding rabbits. My kit was a total chunk! Lol Once it's eyes opened and it started moving around he leveled out and was perfectly fine!! I'm sure he's just suckling and getting ALL the good stuff!! 🤣 Your kit looks adorable and...
  10. Jen Swank

    Any budget friendly rabbit items?

    My bunnies love card board boxes and brown paper bags open. They will keep them entertained a long time. I have even attached boxes to make different tunnel sections. Also a cat tunnel is a inexpensive toy for them. I also picked up a very hard plastic ball with a bell inside in the baby...
  11. Jen Swank

    One bunny or try for bonded sibling pair?

    Yes I agree there are definitely situations where they don't bond. When I picked out my hollands I definitely made sure there personalities with not defensive but calm. I will also add that when I introduced them it was neutral ground not in either of there cages. I think that is key also...
  12. Jen Swank

    Not eating enough hay?

    That's about how much pellets I gave mine at that age also. As long as during her awake time she eating fine, pooping good and playing I don't think you have anything to worry about!
  13. Jen Swank

    Not eating enough hay?

    I have a pair of hollod lops and my female sleeps all day, but my male is more active. I worried about the same thing. So to Make sure she was getting a proper diet I just gave them less pellets and more hay. She's very healthy just likes sleeping! Lol
  14. Jen Swank

    One bunny or try for bonded sibling pair?

    I went through this exact scenario a year ago. I ended up getting 2 bunnies mine were from separate litters 2 weeks apart from each other. I had them side by side in cage until my male was neutered. Once that was done I started letting them play together. Because they were next to each other...