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    Hello, Welcome to the forums! Just a few notes/considerations on getting a Rabbit for the first time: -It would be the best if you could adapt a Bunny that has been abandoned or in need of having a caring family -If you are an outgoing person/like getting trips/wellness stuff Rabbits might...
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    One of my rabbits ears have flopped

    I think what you can do is that if he lets you touch his ears is to put your nose a bit inside and smell it :D If you smell any kind of "smelly" stuff=vet This is what I do from time to time to my Bunnies to check whether their ears are ok. It's not a 100% percent check, so it can be that the...
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    Sludge? Help!

    I would say that if this is the first occasion then keep monitoring his peeing habits: -Frequency, How long does he is doing his job, does he make any sound during peeing that would indicate that he is in pain or unconfortable, also check his legs whether they have any pee on it. If any of the...
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    Funny habits that your bunny has.

    Our male Bunny comes to the space between my legs whenever I crouch down no matter what he is doing. Eating hay and I crouch down? To the batcave! :D Also this was a recent happening: Our female one was lying really comfy all stretched out next to us on the floor while we were watching a movie...
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    Does my holland lop hear me properly?

    I can only give you a simple "dumb" advice. How about snapping your fingers while youre normally in the room. Like not really paying attention to your Bunny but make sure you can see him. Start a finger snap and check his reaction. Does he stop/gets into alert state? If not continue doing it. If...
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    Squeak noise?

    Yeah, ignore my "runny eye" question, I see you mentioned it. Sorry.
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    Squeak noise?

    Hello, I've recently created a somewhat similar topic. My bunny has been doing this sneezing/squeaking sound with no discharge. Docs said its ok no probs etc. Only after the 5th examination (I was really pushy, as they were hesitant that Xray might not reveal anything) Xray finally revealed the...
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    Can rabbits be left alone for a week

    Also that someone should be a knowledgable one about Rabbits. And you would need to have a plan for "if he/she is unwell", like the sitter could catch them and take them to place x where they can give support.
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    Sneezing (thymoma found as cause)

    Thanks for all the info! I've been thinking about this: The vet told me that surgey is not an option since blabla (long story short:animal would probably die during the operation) How about telling the vet to perform a surgey when there is nothing else to do? Like the animal is in distress and...
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    How to help rabbit cope with other's loss

    Fortunatley he likes me very much as far as I can tell: -When I crouch down he immediatley crawls into the space between my legs and lies there -Licking me whenver I'm close -Also he wouldn't even shake if i touch his belly when he flopped So I guess I might be able to help him.......:(
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    Can rabbits be left alone for a week

    +1 here. The max time we left our Bunnies alone was for 2 days. That is having a sitter come feed them in the morning and in the evening. + We had 2 cameras running 24/7 with recording everything so we could check on them all the time. The way Rabbits' system works it's basically a time bomb...
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    My rabbit has suddenly became aggressive

    How old is he? (The Rabbit :D) I only have experience with female unneutered Rabbits and they can be "aggressive" if they are not neutered. Like biting you and trying to "ride" your arms for example :D. So if males are the same situation then I would say this could very well be the case of him...
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    How to help rabbit cope with other's loss

    Dear All, I would like to know how can I help my other rabbit to cope with his female companion's loss (when the time comes :( ) Any advice is welcome! Thank you!
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    Sneezing (thymoma found as cause)

    Anyone has experience with these steroid type of drugs for thymoma? (I yet to know the exact name of the drug, sorry)
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    Sneezing (thymoma found as cause)

    It is Thymoma. Size is approx like a pingpong ball. Surgery is not an option. There is a steroid pill which can help decrease/keep the size at bay. The blood test is okay otherwise. Also I had my other Bunny's blood sampled as well, he is ok as well. If someone is interested I can show the...
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    Elder Bun: Runny eyes, possible tooth issue

    If she is eating hay "like a champion" I wouldn't say that it's a tooth issue for sure. If you are worried about the anesthesia, I would go with an Xray first, maybe they can do that without anesthesia, and that could also reveal some other stuff that could cause runny eye. If nothing comes up...
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    Sneezing (thymoma found as cause)

    Thanks. Is your Bunny a female one? Let me know how the ultrasound turns out. Fingers crossed!
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    Sneezing (thymoma found as cause)

    So, the ultrasound happened today :( It is almost certain that it is cancer. They took a "sample" of it to identify what kind of cancer is it. The "nose sample" they took came back as "negative" it is quite certain that the sneezing and the runny eye is due to this cancer and not because of an...
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    What’s up with my bun? Stasis? Blockage?

    Great to hear! Be more catious/alert in the coming days about him. Check the poops, whether they are formed okay. Also monitor whether he is eating/drinking properly.
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    Sneezing (thymoma found as cause)

    Also I want to point out that (if someone is reading this due to Bunny having similar symptoms): -Stetoscope examination was flawless, so based on that the Bunny showed no signs of breathing problems/infection, so please don't rely solely on this type of examination. X ray revealed the problem.