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  1. Floyd2019

    Bunny ate a peice of mulch?

    My rabbit was checking out a potted plant in my house and I kept shooing him away but he stole a small stick from the mulch. I'm not sure what kind it is, I'm assuming he'll be alright? He definitely ate the whole thing, it was a small pinky finger or less length stick? Will he be alright?
  2. Floyd2019

    Cecotropes, extra lying around

    My bunny produces lots of healthy poops, I am pretty sure he is a megacolon bunny because he's always had issues with cecotropes. Currently he eats them but there's still smears all over his pen and around his mouth. Not a mega ton but enough that I feel I should wash his blankets daily. I've...
  3. Floyd2019

    Should I clean under my rabbits chin?

    Floyd has poop issues, lately they've been great and everything has been quite normal but he has some poop under his chin! I've tried massaging it out but it's kinda dried under there. It's probably from his cecotropes, do you think he will be able to clean it himself or should i do something...
  4. Floyd2019

    Curved male rabbit reproductive organ

    My 1 yr old male rabbit was playing and i was watching him because he is so cute, when he statted to hump his favorite stuffed toy. This is normal as he is not neutered so normally i just look away and laugh, but i noticed that his penis has quite a curve to it. Like shaped loke a hook, and i...
  5. Floyd2019

    Biting me when feeding time

    My bunny gets overly excited about food other than hay. Today when i brought out some dried dandelion i was trying to place some in his pen and he jumped up and bit my pinky finger. Not only bit but latched on as if my finger was food. Of course he ripped through the skin so it was bleeding...
  6. Floyd2019

    Fecal Test Results have left me unsure

    So Floyd's fecal test results came back and are negative for parasites and coccidia and everything... I've heard they aren't always accurate but don't have another 200$$ to spend again so we have to go with those results. Now I don't know what to do because he still has issues with his fecal...
  7. Floyd2019

    story time: Had to call the SPCA about bunnies

    Story time So i work with special needs kids and today my work decided to take the kids to a corn maze. There is one near our town, so we drive out to it. Right away i see this little black and white bunny with big ol ears eagerly jumping up at the bars of a dirty little petsmart cage, much too...
  8. Floyd2019

    Bunny love! Mine doesn't lick!

    I always post looking for health advice on here but as I was cuddling my boy I wanted to post about his strange way of showing love! I have read so much about rabbits kissing you and licking you to show love but my bunny does not do this! He licks everything from walls to carpets to fabrics, but...
  9. Floyd2019

    Coccidia or Megacolon? Looking for info/opinions/advice

    Ok so still waiting on results from the fecal test i sent in for my bun a couple days ago. Not sure how long it'll be. I have been researching since then and have my suspicions about coccidia... i am going to post pics. His poop goes like this soft mush a lot and the last time it randomly turned...
  10. Floyd2019

    Fecal Tests Sent In to Lab for my bun- what next?

    Hey everyone! So I finally got paid and was able ti grab some fresh droppings from Floyd's litter and bring it to the vet (200 smackaroos for a culture test and parasite test). The vet receptionist didn't know how long it would take and said no one was in to ask (odd) so I am assuming it'll be...
  11. Floyd2019

    Dilemma about rabbit safe flooring... i don't have any

    So my entire basement is covered in the worst carpet for rabbits ever. Longish fibers that are easy to pull out due to it being old and since its old it probably smells and tastes great for a bunny. My bun has always wanted to pull out the fibers and we have fought and fought over it. He has a...
  12. Floyd2019

    Heartbroken and in a tough spot, could use support and/or advice

    So i am mostly on here to vent because i have been posting a lot in the health and wellness thread about my sick bunny floyd. Today has been an awful day. I woke up to rabbit diarrhea all over his x pen and had to go to work while desperately trying to get an appointment with a vet. My rabbit...
  13. Floyd2019

    Update on previous URGENT post

    His diarrhea has calmed down a bit. I have seen a couple regular fecal pellets amd the soft poo has more round and formed parts to it rather than the previous straight mush. He is eating his cardboard box and does not want to eat his hay. Not sure if that's an urge to play and chew or if he is...
  14. Floyd2019

    Please help, emergency! - Rabbit has diarrhea

    My rabbit has intermittent soft cecotropes but today they are the worst I've ever seen them. It looked like mostly diarrhea all a golden brown like his fecal pellets and only a few regular pellets. Last night he was eating his cecotropes amd i thought he was doing better. I don't know if this...
  15. Floyd2019

    Bum Twitching??? Not what you think though!

    My rabbits bum randomly twitches! Not the little happy twitch that they do when eating cecotropes or a delicious treat! It's like a rhythmic muscle spasm in his bum and tail muscle. Once I felt it as it was twitching and it actually feels like his whole tail muscle and bum muscle twitching. He...
  16. Floyd2019

    Soft Fecal Pellets photo attached please help!

    Hi, My bun has been having soft, moist fecal pellets for the last few days. He is prone to intermittent soft cecotropes as I've written about before. But he is eating his cecal pellets fine as I have watched him eat them and see none in his litter or pen. These are definitely fecal pellets but...
  17. Floyd2019

    Call to Cecal Dysbiosis or ISC rabbit Owners

    Hey! So my rabbit has cecal dysbiosis. And recently he had a random flare up, I'm blaming these new fruit treats that I thought I was giving sparingly but not sparingly enough so my fault. I have put him on a hay only diet now for 5 days so far and he is definitely producing and eating normal...
  18. Floyd2019

    Cecal Dysbiosis

    I'm so sad, Floyd's intermittent soft cecotropes have returned. He was doing so well for three months! I was so happy. Not sure what has caused the return, it could be the fruit treat I feed him every once in a while, or less likely, the fact that I had to feed him regular bok choy instead of...
  19. Floyd2019

    Moist Poops!

    Hey everyone! So Floyd has had digestive trouble in the past so I get really touchy and picky about his poops! Last night I got stuck in a storm and had to get my pet sitter to drop by the house to change his litter, give fresh hay, and let him run around for a very short (unfortunately)...
  20. Floyd2019

    Lost litter habits, moved his xpen to a new room? Help??

    Hello again! I always have so many rabbit questions. Soooo, due to recent bed peeing habits i decided to move my bunnies xpen into another room to give him more space and keep my bed from being soiled all the time. Now that I've moved him he has lost all litter habbits! He isn't peeing just...