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  1. Dandy&Tuli4693

    Broken nail!??!?!?!

    Ok so I was doing a bunny bonding date when my girl broke her nail on a toy Is this serious? It was bleeding quite a bit so I put some cornstarch on it will it heal itself and is she gonna lick the cornstarch off?
  2. Dandy&Tuli4693

    What color is this doe?

    Ok so I have this mini lop doe, (she is not for breeding) She is a free rome house bunny not a show bunny 😅 But I had some 4h friends and they told me she is a broken opal Is this right? Anyway I was just wondering what the color is called? She is a adopted shelter bunny I've had for a few...
  3. Dandy&Tuli4693

    Bunny bonding questions?

    Ok so I have 2 bunnys who need to be bonded soonish anyway both are fixed, I have a spayed mini lop who is about 6yo And a 5 month old neutered lionhead who got neutered on july 16 They were already bonded right before his nuts dropped and then we got him neutered so we are wondering if we...
  4. Dandy&Tuli4693

    Favorite bunny item??!?!

    I'm redoing my bunny redoing my bunny room and I want to make everything cute and aesthetic and I was wondering if their are any bed, hide houses, bowls, litter boxes or toys that are especially cute? Before it was my bunny Tuli's room but I just adopted a 3 month old baby lionhead named Dandy...
  5. Dandy&Tuli4693

    New bad habit?!?!?

    So I have two bunnys, Tuli is a 6yo free rome spayed female minilop and Dandy is a 4month old lionhead who just got neutered last week Before he got neutered they were fully bonded and cuddled with no agression Then his "nuts" dropped and he became aggressive and hormonal Anyway Tuli has a...