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  1. ra7751

    Interesting Article

    This isn't specifically related to rabbits but it still is relevent to our discussions. I have preached the entire time I have been on this forum about the misuse of antibiotics, particularly Ciprofloxacins like Baytril. Now a small clinical study on humans is confirming what I have been saying...
  2. ra7751

    BioSponge Testing

    Hi Everyone, Many of you are aware of our testing of a horse product called BioSponge. We are using it in cottontails in an attempt to manage enterotoxins caused by the bacteriaClostridium that is commonduring final weaning. This bacteria can be fatal if left unchecked. Keep in mind that the...
  3. ra7751


    Bucky crossed the bridge on Sept. 9, 2009. He came to us a bit over 4 years ago as an owner surrender. His family was moving and pets were not allowed. He was about 3 when he came to us. But Bucky had an unusual story. He was an amputee. His leg was amputated after it was severely fractured...
  4. ra7751

    Eastern NC

    There was a raid at a puppy mill in Wilson, NC. There were 239 dogs removed. Authorities also found 17 domestic rabbits that are in need of homes. If anyone is near the area and can help any of these rabbits....I can provide contact information and can assist with transport too. Willing to...
  5. ra7751

    Visit us on Facebook

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to extend an invitation to all of you to join us on Facebook. Our rescue now has a page that we just started. Not only will you get to see our animals and follow our rescues, you will also get to meet and interact with our group of veterinarian professionals as well...
  6. ra7751


    Hi All, Haven't been around much due to some issues with our regional wildlife center. We are in a bit of a lull with rescues....for the time being anyway. But I wanted to update everyone on something we are testing. It is an equine product called Biosponge. It is used in horses quite a bit...
  7. ra7751


    Many of you may remember Chyna....she is our fawn Flemish Giant that came from an abuse case in West Virginia. She came to us nearly 6 years ago. She had been left abandoned in a house where she fought rats for food. She had rat bites all over her as well as all sorts of parasites. She only...
  8. ra7751


    Our beloved Danny crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 6, 2009. He is truly an amazing rabbit. We first met Danny over 6 years ago as he came into another rescue. He was found under a car after a rain shower. He was emaciated and dehydrated. He had no fur and was very cold. He had been abandoned...
  9. ra7751


    Today marks the fifth anniversary of the last time I held my special little girl Sabrina. She really left her mark here. She fought so hard against so many things. We didn't know it at the time....but we lost her due to complications from E Cuniculi. Howwell I know EC now.While she is no longer...
  10. ra7751

    Finley and Baldy

    It sure has been a rough couple of days here. We lost a wonderful elderly gentleman named Finley. He was just the best blue eyed white dwarf in the world. He came to us, with his mate and 16 of his children, from upstate New York. He was a retired show rabbit and was being used to breed....and...
  11. ra7751


    Hi Everyone, As most of you know, I have no problem exploring treatments "outside the box". While I never wish bad things on any animal, I have really been wanting to explore treating E Cuniculi with a drug called Marquis. Well, it looks like I have my chance. One of our sanctuary bunnies...
  12. ra7751


  13. ra7751

    A Tough Day

    Hi Everyone, Today at approximately 6:10 this evening, it will be exactly four years since my beloved Sabrina lost her bravefight against a then unknown enemyand crossed the bridge. I will never forget that terrible night and I remember vividly every horrible detail. Had we known then what we...
  14. ra7751

    Scoots--Binky free special one

    Hi All, We lost a very special rabbit here last night. Some of you may have read about Scoots in our blog. She had some major physical issues. We were asked to take her and see if we could help. She was in terrible condition when we first met her and she was in obvious pain. She was so bad...
  15. ra7751


    Some of you may have heard me speak of a very unusual wildlife rescue that came here. She is a rarely seen marsh rabbit. She was taken to Piedmont Wildlife Center after being hit by a car. She suffered a severely broken leg and a head injury. Her leg was shattered. The wildlife vet performed...
  16. ra7751


    Hi Everyone, It is with great sadness that I must report that Rembrandt has crossed the bridge. Many of you might remember his story. He was one of two rabbits that suffered broken backs while being groomed for the State Fair here in NC. His spinal cord was totally severed and there was no...
  17. ra7751

    Peanut Butter has crossed

    Hi All, It is with sadness that I must report that one of our paralyzed bunnies has crossed the bridge. Peanut Bis a Jersey Wooley. He suffered a severe spinal injury while being groomed by his breeders for the State Fair. He is one of two that came to us. Thesepeoplehave been doing breeding...
  18. ra7751

    I am furious (rabbit at country fair)

    Hi All, It is vent time for me. But I think there is a lesson here for us all since we are all dedicated rabbit slaves. I went to opening day at the NC State Fair yesterday. Last year we had a nasty incident with one of the "old school" breeders (and I am not anti-breeder....I am...
  19. ra7751

    Cruelty Case

    Hi All, Here is a link to a very sad story. I hope the #&$# (edited for content) that did thisburns with fire and brimstone for eternity. I am also quite shocked that charges were pressed. I am near Raleigh and I think I might stay on top...
  20. ra7751

    Sabrina's House~~The Rescue

    Hi All, Thanks to the very kind people on the forum that so patiently walked my very unsavvy computer self thru posting pics. So I will start posting pics and stories of our residents...but also our new rescues of both domestic and wildlife. This little guy was being kept as a pet. The well...