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    Nut is my first homegrown netherland dwarf. He is a chestnut just like his mom and dad. I have high hopes that he will become a champion bunny just like his dad. Nut was born Christmas Day. He loves to pancake out instead of posing just like his mom.
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    Splayed leg bunny with ear problems

    I know wryneck as my neighbors rabbit had it and this is not it. The stuff was a normal yellow and was definitely earwax. Like I said she can barely move her right hind leg so I'm fairly certain it has something to do with that. Her ear is completely cleaned out now. I never noticed it because...
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    Splayed leg bunny with ear problems

    I have a bunny that basically has the legs on her right side permenately twisted sideways. I had never really checked her ears before yesterday. Well when I was playing with her ears yesterday I noticed something in her ear. After I looked closed I saw that her ear was full of earwax and there...
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    Splayed legs

    The doe from the litter ended up with one leg splayed out and I hadnt noticed it until she was about a month old. However the buck from the litter ended up with all 4 legs splayed and his front left leg goes all the way back and rests on his back leg. He acts allright he just kind of hops and...
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    Lyla the Lionhead

    Lyla a a very sweet rabbit and one of the best mothers I have ever seen. She recently had her first litter. She is always going to her nest and peeking at her babies. Whenever someone she doesnt know gets near her she runs over to her babies and if they are out of her nest then she will gently...
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    Bun identifier

    If your rabbit has a dewlap or a "poof" then it is a female :happyrabbit:
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    Splayed legs

    I know that I can splint them but I was hoping that there would be a less stressful treatment. And thanks I am not planning on breeding her again from now on she is just a show rabbit. No they are not living on a slippery surface they are in a mesh cage and the holes in the bottom of the cage...
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    Sudden death in rabbits no signs!

    Sometimes when rabbits get scared they will have heart attacks. I have also had a rabbit die after going into shock. More recently I had a rabbit die after getting bitten by a spider
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    Wondering if this is normal?

    I have had my rabbits pull at their water bottles as well. I think that in their minds they're making it come out faster. To open her mouth you can gently press at the corner of her jaw which will force her to open it
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    Splayed legs

    Hello I recently had two rabbits born with "splayed legs". Apparently their mother carried the gene. I was wondering is there anything I can do to straighten them? -Predawnisland:pink iris::bunnydance::anotherbun:bunny18:rabbithop
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    2 colors in one eye brown over blue

    Congrats on him tho!:yahoo:I am so jealous!
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    2 colors in one eye brown over blue

    My newest bun had the same thing! Sadly we got him at an auction but he was far too young to be there and he passed away after going into shock:bigtears: As far as I know altho its rare its nothing to worry about. He should live a long happy bunny life
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    why can't I get my doe to breed? :-(

    ya mine didnt start actually breeding until he was almost a year
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    Sexing Baby Bunnies?

    the easiest way is to gently place one finger below the rabbits umm... genitals and one above. If its a male it will stick out farther and be donut shaped. If it is a girl it will just be a slit. however it is VERY easy to get them mixed up so its best if you wait until a male bucks testicals...
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    Solution for Spraying?

    he is next to a female but the female in question is not only his sister but is also nursing babies -_- Also we have had him next to her since they were babies so I dont know why he would start now
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    Help?! Rabbit rejecting litter!

    you can use kitten replacer to feed them. just warm it up a little bit. Be careful not to let the milk go down the wrong side. If you have another mother who has just had babies you can try to let the other mother feed them but watch them carefully.
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    Solution for Spraying?

    So my dutch buck decided to spray me today so does anyone have something to solve this? I won't be getting him fixed as he is a show rabbit. :bunny19
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    Help: What do you think this skin problem is?

    whoops just realized that its a boy -_- he is probably what you would call a "picker" usualy they pick if they are bored or if they are itchy
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    Help: What do you think this skin problem is?

    if it is a girl then she is pulling out her hair to make a nest for her litter
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    Quick breathing, some shakes and sneezes. Help please!

    keep him away from the cage for a little while and see if he gets better. If its the cage he will. If its not getting better then take him to the vet. he might have just inhaled some of the fumes.