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  1. pinknstink

    *URGENT* Rabbit dangerously skinny

    My rabbit has been sick for awhile and it had mainly just been bad incontinence problems, but over the past month he has lost a lot of weight. He has always been on the skinnier side but now he is to the point where I am scared he is going to die from being too skinny. Since he is very fluffy it...
  2. pinknstink

    I have never seen my rabbit lay down?

    I was just thinking earlier today and I realized that I don’t think I have ever seen my rabbit lay down. He also doesn’t seem to sleep much, and if he does, he must either sleep sitting normally or in a kinda loaf position. However, I have never seen him flop on his side. Is there possibly...
  3. pinknstink

    White Spot on Rabbit’s Eye?

    I will try to attach a photo of my rabbit’s eye. There is this tiny white spot on his eye that has been there for a few weeks. We thought it was a piece of fur or something but it has not moved or come off. Does anyone know what this might be? I don’t have any rabbit savvy vets in my area so I’m...
  4. pinknstink

    Poop stuck on bottom of rabbit feet

    My rabbit has pretty bad sore hocks and also poopy butt because of some birth defects, anyways he gets poop stuck on him a lot and now there is some caked and hardened on the bottom of his feet. I bathe him a few times a week but it doesnt seem to soften at all. I also don’t want to try to pull...
  5. pinknstink

    Major Incontinence Issues

    Hello RabbitsOnline! This is my first post, as I am in the hopes of getting some advice for my rabbit's problems. My rabbit Cotton has some birth defects, such as a weird bite and only being able to see out of one eye, but he also has bad incontinence issues. He hasn't always been incontinent...
  6. pinknstink

    My lionhead bunny isn't pooping!!

    A couple of days ago, my bunny started having diarrhea. Now he isn't pooping at all. He's eating a lot of hay and he eats everything we give him, but he isn't drinking a lot if water. I've tried a bunch of medicines, too. We've also gone to the vet twice. He also was born with a deformed eye and...