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  1. Zaiya

    Not Eating + White Lump Under Skin

    Hey! I have a New Zealand White buck who stopped drinking and eating hay/pellets a couple of days ago. He will readily eat treats such as oats and carrots, but I can't get him to eat his pellets or hay. He has a crock bowl instead of a bottle for his water and it's not frozen over, so I see no...
  2. Zaiya

    Bunny Homocide

    Two English Lop brothers bonded together, about 9 weeks old, were being fed then "suddenly" one of them killed the other. What would cause this? We were thinking maybe something scared them? They are nowhere near sexual maturity, so it couldn't have been anything territorial. They were bonded...
  3. Zaiya

    Broken Bone or Everlasting Bruise?

    Sometime in about the middle of August (about the 16'th), I was taking care of my cousin's animals while they were on a trip, which consists of many animals including a horse. As I was grooming her, she shifted her weight, moving her front hoof onto my foot. I cringed in pain, stiffening up and...
  4. Zaiya

    Task Force?

    I've noticed that a couple members' usernames are purple and have "Task Force" under their names - members such as whoalookitsme and OakRidgeRabbits. What is this special "Task Force"? Thanks! Just curious!
  5. Zaiya

    Tri-Cities November 2013 ARBA Show

    Who all is going to the ARBA show held in Tri-Cities, Washington on November 2? I live an hour away and am considering going!
  6. Zaiya

    Feed/Saving Money Question

    So I was just reading about fermented feeds for chickens on another forum (, and saw how much money people were saving by doing this ( Is there...
  7. Zaiya

    Eyes open

    What age do rabbit's eyes open? My friend's rabbits are two weeks old and just starting to open their eyes.
  8. Zaiya

    Moss is sick, round two

    Earlier this year, Moss had a little bit of a tummy upset that I made a thread about. Now, the same thing is happening. Symptoms: Staying in loafing position, nose not twitching unless I pet him (then it twitches three or four times), not eating pellets, hay, or drinking water, ears and eyes...
  9. Zaiya

    4-H debate

    I'm trying to decide if I should stay in 4-H or not. I really want to stay in and spend time with my friends and animals, but I really can't find anything fun about 4-H anymore. This last fair was the most boring one I've ever had! My friends had way more fun there than me! I want to stay, as I...
  10. Zaiya

    Accidental Pregnancy

    My friend's rabbit had her babies yesterday! 9 total (wowzie!!!). However, she ate the legs off of two and one died, so they're down to 6. They decided to separate the babies from her mother to prevent more deaths. Twice a day they take them to her to feed them. Are they doing the right thing...
  11. Zaiya

    Logo Ideas

    I'm coming up with a logo for our business simulation in school. My business is the Feathers and Hairs (Or possibly Feathers and Furs. Which do you guys like better?) animal rescue center/no-kill shelter. I'm not the best artist, and we only have our iPads to work with (I think I would do a...
  12. Zaiya


    So, I keep seeing posts about how great Furminators are, and now I've started considering getting one for my rabbits and dogs. I have a couple questions: 1. Is it really worth $20+? 2. Is there a certain type or size I should get? 3. What are your opinions on the Furminators? Thanks for any input!
  13. Zaiya

    Questions about friend's rabbit and food

    I'm taking care of my friend's rabbit while they're gone on a short trip. I have two questions that maybe you guys could help me with. 1. What breed is he? My friend doesn't know, but he says that his Aunt and Uncle used to breed them for meat. His color is chestnut agouti. He's in a bad molt...
  14. Zaiya

    Something happened under the rat cage...

    So I'm taking care of my friend's animals this week, including two rabbits - 1 male, 1 female, siblings. The mom of the family does NOT want baby bunnies! So this morning I went over there to take care of them, and I saw that the wood framed divider in their cage had been slid out the side a...
  15. Zaiya

    Every Creature is Unique

    Many people think that animals don't have personalities, don't even have SOULS, like the battery hens (hens stuffed into commercial cages that produce the eggs you get from the grocery store) - there are so many that people think they're all JUST animals. But if you take two or three random hens...
  16. Zaiya

    Proper Thump Response?

    Occasionally my rabbits will thump at me when I'm near the hutch. What should be my response? How do I respond to them?
  17. Zaiya

    Hay with Sweet Potatoes?

    I saw a bag of hay at Walmart with dried sweet potatoes in it. Are these safe for rabbits? I thought potatoes were poisonous! (Except for baked) Just to be clear, I do not feed this to my rabbits! I'm just curious! XD
  18. Zaiya

    Rabbits are NOT rodents!

    I keep hearing and reading people say that rabbits are rodents like rats, mice, hamsters, etc. :nonono: Many people think that rabbits are just large rodents. NOT TRUE! I want to help people realize what exactly rabbits are! So I compiled all of the information from a couple of my rabbit and...
  19. Zaiya

    3 Strange Plants

    There are three strange plants that grow in my yard. I want to know what they are and if they are safe for the rabbits. Sometimes when I let the rabbits out, they like to chew on these, and I'm a little concerned about how safe they are. The first two are very abundant, the third is quite rare...
  20. Zaiya

    How did you come up with your rabbit's names?

    I decided to start this thread, as there are some very creative bunny names out there! Moss: 1. I was reading a book series at the time I got him, and in the book was a type of moss called rabbit's ear moss! 2. When I got him his fur had a greenish tinge, and it looked like moss! (Kind...