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  1. woahlookitsme

    BEW polish

    Here are some cute photos of my bew baby growing. Im excited to get her on the show table!
  2. woahlookitsme

    Finally found a boyfriend for PJ

    So I just got back from the 91st ARBA convention and I'm proud to say that I finally found a new buck! As some of you may remember my girl PJ: I haven't named him yet but here he is! I wanted a shorter buck than her with a decent head and a good hindquarters. I cannot wait for them to make...
  3. woahlookitsme

    The show table :)

    So I've been rather deprived of shows this season due to personal issues going on and I miss the show tables very much! I need some help from my fellow exhibitors since my next show won't be until the end of February :( post your latest show results and wins!! Oh and don't forget pictures are...
  4. woahlookitsme

    My new Polish!!

    Hey everyone :) So I got my BEW polish this past weekend at a show and I am so excited! She is going to be super spoiled because she is drop dead gorgeous! I like her but she needs to fill out a little more. The thing I dont like is her ears but maybe Ill be able to find a boy with much shorter...
  5. woahlookitsme

    New Variety!! :D

    YAY! So I have always loved BEWS (secretly lol) and when my mom got into polish I always wondered if I should get some. I asked her when we started if she wanted some but she much prefers the brokens. I had to wait and now that shes starting to get rid of some of her brood polish I am going to...
  6. woahlookitsme

    So Tired!!

    [ Rant ] Oh my lord why must people be so naive and ignorant!! People who think that they know everything about breeders and our husbandry just because they look at a couple of pictures on the internet and then they think they know everything!!! I am getting so tired of seeing rude and...
  7. woahlookitsme

    Summer cleaning!

    Oh my gosh my hands are burning a little I think. We really needed to go through all of the cages and clean them. Soo I am scrubbing all the floors and those calcium deposits are horrid without some vinegar. I've done 10 cages and I have 10 more to go. This is definitely harder than I thought...
  8. woahlookitsme

    2013 Kentucky Cup

    Hey guys! If you are going here is the official picture thread! We are packed up and on our way. We aren't driving the whole night through but well try to get to Texarkana by tonight. I'm super excited!! Got alot of rabbits sold and am picking up a couple. We're also transporting quite a few...
  9. woahlookitsme

    Does anyone Juice?

    I have started juicing to increase the amount of veggies and fruits in my diet. I am not rich so I couldn't afford an Omega but I researched juicers and picked out the L'Equip 215 XL. Its really great to work with and doesn't produce a lot of froth. I was wondering if anyone else here did and if...
  10. woahlookitsme

    I really need some ideas.

    My 3 month old chocolate buck Dino is in serious trouble. It all started with one of my moms polish babies. She separated them from mom to wean them and keep their weight under control. They were in a cage separated between wire. Mom noticed the broken blue wasn't eating as well if at all the...
  11. woahlookitsme

    2013 Westminster Dog Show

    Is anyone else a nerd like me?!? :D Best Of Hound Group American Foxhound: CH Kiarry's Pandora's Box "Jewel" 2nd place Basset Hound: GCH Topsfield-Sanchu Eenie Meenie Miney Moe 3rd place Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeen: GCH...
  12. woahlookitsme

    Canon Rebel XT Camera

    Does anyone know a thing about this camera? I need help . . .
  13. woahlookitsme

    Embedding videos

    I love putting in videos to watch from here instead of having people click a link. I used this thread to post them in the past but this way no longer works. Can someone please post the new way?
  14. woahlookitsme

    Pics for Elizabeth!

    Hey girl! So I have some pics for you of Tahoe! He is going to the show with me and luciano because his coat is just freaking gorgeous!! He has come out of his horrible molt finally!! triangle pic :D belly shot with out flash sorry I was holding him and trying to take the pic so might...
  15. woahlookitsme

    I am going to be a director!

    I just have some exciting news. The director for the Tan Club in District 4 no longer raises tans and so the President of our club asked me if I would take over! It's not too much work but I think its pretty cool! I get to write articles for our breed newsletter and get in contact with all the...
  16. woahlookitsme

    Horrible weather

    Man we had 30-40 mph winds yesterday with cold weather. This ended up happening to our new hutch. It held up right up until my mom put the tarps on the frame. It's a PVC frame with four cages. :/
  17. woahlookitsme

    Can we please have this policy put back up as a Sticky?

    I can no longer find it and I wish it was back up. . . NOTE: PLEASE DON'T POST UNSOLICITED ANTI-BREEDING OPINIONS IN THE RABBITRY AND SHOW ROOM This forum is THE RABBITRY and a place for information involving breeds and breeding. If you are not a breeder, you don't support breeding and...
  18. woahlookitsme

    Breeder Head Count

    Be proud of what you do and Post the following: Your Name Rabbitry Name Breeds and Varieties you raise Your most important win What your goal is (longterm or shortterm) and Website if you have one Pictures of your most prized buns are encouraged :) [preferably posed] Comments are welcome but...
  19. woahlookitsme

    Showing Rabbits

    thought this was a really cool compilation video. Its last years convention. How many breeds can you guess?!