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    I dont think my rabbits likes us! Please help!!!

    So we got Doris on 1/5/19 at 12 weeks and she acclimated very well to our home and was potty trained the first weekend. she was binkying and zoomin and seemed to really like her space. the following weekend we started to free roam and she ended up becoming 100% free roam and has been since. One...
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    Adoption or Breeder? Whats your bunnies story?

    Hi! I just got my first bunny Doris on Saturday and I LOOOOOVE her so much! she has brought so much into my home! So back in September one of my dogs passed away and that left me and my other dog in a bad place. I have had them both for 11+ years so my boy was grieving his partner. I found a...
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    hello everyone! I am have been ghosting this site for some time in preparation for my bunny and Saturday she finally came home! Doris is a 12 week old white blue eyed holland lop and I am absolutely in love! So for my questions, is there anyway to somewhat litter train before being spayed? I...