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  1. Paddy Ohara

    Senior Bunny with Cancer:(

    My Flemish giant has been diagnosed with Leiomyosarcomas. Has anyone else experienced this type of cancer because it isn't as common as some of the others that rabbits usually get.
  2. Paddy Ohara

    Color Question

    Is there a color of rabbit called Sparkle?
  3. Paddy Ohara

    Gas/ Bloat

    I am so grateful for this forum! My FGR was so sick last night. I found everything I needed under the heathy rabbit section to get her over this. I'm so happy to have the sass back in the rabbit. So is she I just got my own face bath.
  4. Paddy Ohara

    Paddy O'Hara Mahoney

    Attended school at Therapy ARC the Nashville Chapter of Pet Partners. Also trained in READing Paws Reading Education and Assistant Dogs and Bunny- she is the first rabbit in this group and in Therapy ARC. Works at Vanderbilt in infusion and breast cancer clinics. Reads at local libraries and...
  5. Paddy Ohara

    Rabbit VS Dog

    So Paddy O'Hara loves the 13+ year dog. He is very sweet and well behaved and is nice to her. But he doesn't want a rabbit snuggle friend. All she wants to do is be his friend and groom and snuggle. He doesn't want her to touch him, rabbit cooties yuck! Her favorite game is to touch the dog...
  6. Paddy Ohara

    Rabbit Photo Observation

    Is it me... or do all rabbits look so innocent in every photo even when the photo is of questionable activites?
  7. Paddy Ohara

    Team Carrot

    Here are the rabbits sharing the views of the fridge hoping for a carrot. Nike will wait patienly for his carrot sitting and offering good behaviors so will Paddy O'Hara however if you take more than 3 seconds she will take the bag of carrots and run, the dog will follow and they will eat...
  8. Paddy Ohara

    paddy ohara

    she knock the baby gate over and it landed on her. she tried to take off at full speed and she did. her nail came off on her back foot. i cleaned it up with peroxide. any one have any experiece with this or suggestions. she lets me touch it and clean it without any problems she is so sweet...
  9. Paddy Ohara

    Time Outs for naughty rabbits

    Paddy O'Hara was a year old in March. She is usually pretty good but her nickname is trouble or trouble starter. She responds really well to loud noises, stop it, or NO. What I can't seem to break is that she likes to mark in the dogs's favorite places so I decided to trygivingtime outs. They...
  10. Paddy Ohara

    Agility/ Hopping

    I am very interested in agility. I have enjoyed all the links I have found thru this forum. I have not see any flemish giants and I am wondering if anyone does this with them. If so I would love any tips. So far I watch the flemish giants train his trainer instead of the trainer training the...
  11. Paddy Ohara

    Paddy O'Hara the therapy rabbit

    Paddy O'Hara is becoming a local celeb...and doing such a great job showing people how wonderful rabbits are! If you are interested in viewingthe Vanderbilt Webcast view here is the link, one of them should work...her part is in them middle of the segment...
  12. Paddy Ohara


    I am planning on using Advantage for my flemmish since I cannot get Revolution without a prescription. I have read many of the flea treatment posts and they say this is a safe treatment and to use the kitten dose. Will this be the correct dose for an 18 lbs Flemmish or is it safe to buy the cat...
  13. Paddy Ohara

    READing Paws with Paddy O'Hara

    Paddy O'Hara is a therapy animal. We are part of Therapy ARC in Nashville, TN. This group is an affiliate group of the Delta Society. We are also part of READing Paws which is part of Intermountain Therapy Animals. READing Paws is a group of people with their animals who work closely with...
  14. Paddy Ohara


    I joined the forum in late summer but I am just getting to the intro. I have learned so much from reading posts and I have even posted myself. Thanks for all the great information! I have had rabbits around me for most of my life, mostly through my paid and volunteer jobs. I work with 3 and...
  15. Paddy Ohara

    After the Spay

    I just had my Flemish Giant Rabbit spay this past Monday. She was in bad shape for a few days but is back to normal for the most part. The new thing that she has been doing is chewing on everything. I know chewing is a natural behavior but in the6 months I have known her she has not done this...