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    My bunny keeps escaping!

    I have a dwarf hotot cross indoor rabbit (currently split from my other rabbit due to fighting ) in an indoor run. The run is made of metal bars and is 1m tall but has no roof. My bun Cruise keeps managing to jump out, he is climbing the bars like a maniac! He falls over a lot and I'm just...
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    are my bunny poops healthy?

    I should maybe try and get some alfalfa hay for my two then if it's best:) sorry I'm no expert, but I would just stop giving any treats until the poop gets better if it was me. Usually the more hay and less of anything else mine get their stomachs seem a lot better. Carrot is something that...
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    are my bunny poops healthy?

    My bunnies poops are definitely dryer and have hay like you say, they are around 2 and a half months old. Your bun should be doing a mixture of dry poops and wet poops which they eat. I havent given my buns any veggies yet because I think when they're really young sometimes they can get a bad...
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    Share your bunnies!

    Thank you for the reply! Cruise does have little black eyebrows so maybe there is some dwarf hotot I wasnt sure if they were dwarf rabbits but they do seem soooo small but I wasnt sure if it was just the age.
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    Share your bunnies!

    This is Cruise (white) and Holland (brown) my 2 new 2 month old bunnies . Does anyone have any idea what breed they might be? I was told they are a cross breed but not sure what of :) .