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  1. Reese'sMom

    Bunny pooping and peeing in bed in the middle of the night

    So just recently my 1 year old French Lop has started to pee and poop in my bed in the middle of the night. And I have been quite confused on why. My dad just passed away a yesterday and I before that he was in the hospital. As a result of this I have been sad and in bed alot. Reese has also...
  2. Reese'sMom

    Any advice for picking up your bunny?

    Hi there! I have a French Lop named Reese Witherspoon and I've had her since January 3rd of 2021. I'm not sure how old she is but she is very big. When fully stretched out she is around 3 feet long, and weighs around 8.5 lbs. So my problem is that when ever I try to pick her up she almost...
  3. Reese'sMom

    Rabbit Keeps Jumping On Desk

    So I'd like to start by saying that I saw there was a similar post or "thread" about this. I didn't know if I'd get like a response as it was from 2008. All right so the problem: My 9 month old French Lop (Reese) keeps jumping on to my desk. Its 3.5 feet tall and she'll jump from the floor...
  4. Reese'sMom

    Rabbit ate Chocolate Chip Cookie

    So my 10 month old French Lop who weighs around 10lbs (i believe) ate a like 1/16 of a chocolate chip cookie which was around 4 x 3 inches. I'm very worried. Will she be ok? She just ate it a few minutes ago. She is eating hay right now and pellets. Do i need to take her to the vet? Or will...