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    Nut is my first homegrown netherland dwarf. He is a chestnut just like his mom and dad. I have high hopes that he will become a champion bunny just like his dad. Nut was born Christmas Day. He loves to pancake out instead of posing just like his mom.
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    Splayed leg bunny with ear problems

    I have a bunny that basically has the legs on her right side permenately twisted sideways. I had never really checked her ears before yesterday. Well when I was playing with her ears yesterday I noticed something in her ear. After I looked closed I saw that her ear was full of earwax and there...
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    Lyla the Lionhead

    Lyla a a very sweet rabbit and one of the best mothers I have ever seen. She recently had her first litter. She is always going to her nest and peeking at her babies. Whenever someone she doesnt know gets near her she runs over to her babies and if they are out of her nest then she will gently...
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    Splayed legs

    Hello I recently had two rabbits born with "splayed legs". Apparently their mother carried the gene. I was wondering is there anything I can do to straighten them? -Predawnisland:pink iris::bunnydance::anotherbun:bunny18:rabbithop
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    Solution for Spraying?

    So my dutch buck decided to spray me today so does anyone have something to solve this? I won't be getting him fixed as he is a show rabbit. :bunny19
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    Please Help!

    I have just realized that my month old baby holland lops right front leg is twisted to the side and look like it is upside down. His other leg is fine. My mom wont take him to the vet and no one else that I ask can tell me what to do. Im really worried that If I just leave it he will be in pain...