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  1. Bentley

    my bunny needs a home! in central MINNESOTA

    Hi guys, I have a rabbit that needs to find a new home due to the fact that I am going off to college soon and my parents don't want her! I am willing to give her up for free and a $20 fee for any of her food/accessories [like the cage] if you want! I am from central Minnesota feel free to...
  2. Bentley

    shedding season !

    I'm sure everyone goes through this at least twice a year.. when your rabbit sheds their coat! Bentley has fur everywhere! I swear, every time i put my hand on her back another 2 pounds of fur comes off >.< I know its naturally, but is there anyway to get most of it off? I have super bad...
  3. Bentley

    Bentley Update

    For some of you who have read my threads about Bentley being sick, here is a quick update. (sorry if im not suppose to post it here.. ) -started sneezing in January -diagnosed with 'snuffle' -but more of a upper respiratory infection -treated 2 weeks with some pink medicine (can't remember...
  4. Bentley

    Should I call the vet again?

    Okay, as some of you may know Bentley had the snuffles -upper respiratory to be more specific- She was given two types of medicine, one to help her and one to help the medicine be more effective. Anyways, its been 2 weeks after, I've given her her medicine and she looks like my normal Bentley...
  5. Bentley

    At-home allergy medicine?

    Bentley has started to get bad allergies, she constantly sneezes, has a runny nose, watery eyes, ect. Since I know its not some horrible disease, I'd rather not have to take her to the doctor. I'm just wondering if theres some at-home reciepe to help her with her allergies?
  6. Bentley

    bunny won't stop biting her paws

    I clipped Bentley's nails last night, and ever since she's been biting at them. Is it just temporary?
  7. Bentley


    Hey everyone. I went to Bentley's cage a few days ago, and was petting her and admiring her, whatever haha. and I noticed that her bottom trays were getting dirty, and I pulled out the tray thinking 'I should clean it' and I noticed there was mold growing in it! I quickly changed the bedding and...
  8. Bentley

    Does anyone else cage their bunny?

    Well, i was just wondering, it seems that everyone on here talks about how they let their bunnies run around in their house, like a dog or a cat, with no limits. And they are basically free to go wherever they please. Is is just me or are there any other people that always keep their bunnies in...
  9. Bentley

    effective training?

    So I've had Bentley for a year, but she still seems almost as bad as she was when i first got her. Now she isn't mean bad, but because she lives inside a cage and doesn't get a ton of time to roam around our large house, when I do take her out I set her on the couch, and sometime's she'll start...
  10. Bentley

    sick bentley

    Bentley has recently begun wheezing and I've seen her like blow snot out of her nose and she sounds like she isn't breathing right. It doesn't seem to serious so I'm not gunna take her into the vet, but what do you think about it? I live in minnesota, so its cold out, im thinking maybe she just...
  11. Bentley

    Bentley's temporary home (pictures!

    Well since Bentley can't live in her cage anymore, I made her a new house by giving her half of our laundry room - she loves it (: haha (my cat Meepers is her best friend... she comes and watches Bentley sometimes - very cute ^^ ) Bentley hiding in her blankets ---- Random picture of...
  12. Bentley

    Oh no, bunny on the loose!

    Well today we were heading off to the Mall of America when all of a sudden I heard a crash and ran into the laundry room where we are keeping my bunny to see the bottom of her cage on the floor. I thought "oh. something must've come loose under it, which resulted in the bottom falling out" (her...
  13. Bentley

    Mean bunny!

    Lately Bentley's been being really mean. I don't know why, but when I take her out of her cage she spazzes out (she use to do this, because she came from a pet store and she was dropped as a baby, when I got her I tamed her and she didn't do it.. now she's doing it all over again) and today I...
  14. Bentley

    How long should you bunny be outside?

    Okay, if your bunny lives inside (like mine) and usually isn't use to snow... how long should I keep them outside? I bring Bentley outside in the summer a ton, but now its started snowing (and I live in Minnesota, so temps are dropping and staying cold!) so I'm wondering whats the longest I...
  15. Bentley

    story about my bunny(:

    so before i even knew about this site, I use to have horrible troubles clipping Bentley's nails. She hates its, and is always jolting around and struggling and scratching me, then when I learned you should wrap them in a towel I decided to try it for the (second?) time last night, and once I got...
  16. Bentley

    Very bored rabbit needs activites that are cheep

    Hey everyone, just wondering my rabbit Bentley is getting awfully bored (I can tell by her attitude) and since I'm in school for 8 hours or so, and when I get home I have homework and other stuff, like chores, friends, ect. I don't have much time to take her out, that and I live in minnesota so...
  17. Bentley

    Bentley Pictures :D

    today I just grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of bentley. I know they aren't the best, like you don't get a perfect view, but I think of them as more professional photos, where you kind of make up a story, and it keeps your interest rather than a picture of a rabbit. anywho, enjoy...
  18. Bentley


    So just recently Bentley escaped from her hutch (the bottom of her hut came out, and dropped onto the floor. D: cheep stuff) and she was wondering around the house, and decided to go into my sister, Courtney's bedroom. Courtney said she woke up to the sound of Bentley thumping her foot at her...
  19. Bentley

    FYI for people buying cages

    I'm just letting everyone know, I have my rabbit Bentley, and she has/had a two story floor cage. Well, I learned she now has Arthritis in her knees because she's had to jump from floor to floor for the past 2 years of her life. Just a tip - if your going to buy a cage I suggest ONE STORY CAGES...