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  1. aurora369

    Silas's Chin Ordeal

    Abscesses on the chin are normally caused by tooth root problems. He most likely has an infected or abscessed tooth root. Rabbit puss is super thick like toothpaste or cottage cheese. Which makes needle aspirations not very helpful because they rarely are able to actually get any of the...
  2. aurora369

    + Winter RO Meet-up/Get-Together - BC, WA, + Saturday December 3rd +

    Yup, I have the address. Ryan is going to come with his camera :) Baxter will come along too. I don't know if I have any time to actually bake as planned. So I may just end up picking something up at the grocery store on the way out. -Dawn
  3. aurora369

    + Winter RO Meet-up/Get-Together - BC, WA, + Saturday December 3rd +

    I can probably make it out with Baxter and possibly drag Ryan along with us. PM me the address and what I should bring. I can bake something (been meaning to try cream cheese chocolate cupcakes). -Dawn
  4. aurora369

    nipped ear?

    If you can't see it anymore, I wouldn't worry about it. His body is probably already on it's way to fully healing the wound. If the wound is small but visible, that is when I would worry about keeping it clean and putting neosporin on it. -Dawn
  5. aurora369

    Rabbit diseases

    I would recommend having a look through the library section of our forum. Lots of information about health and possible diseases. -Dawn
  6. aurora369

    nipped ear?

    Neosporin is safe if ingested. Just make sure it is the plain kind, not the plus. Put a bit on a couple times a day for a few days to help with healing and to prevent infection. -Dawn
  7. aurora369

    Chewing housing base - help please!

    I have found that my rabbits will chew the coroplast bases for their NIC cages. They will start from the top edge and work their way down. The only solution I have found is to make the base larger than the NIC cage so the lip sits outside the grids. However, this makes it a pain to clean...
  8. aurora369

    No Pain Meds After Neuter?

    My personal experience on surgery with bunnies is to provide pain medication (metacam normally) for 3 days for males and 5 days for females. Unless they have kidney problems or are very dehydrated, the risk of stasis and pain is greater than any side effects of the pain meds. I have argued...
  9. aurora369

    Injured bun, need help please

    I had a rabbit who was bitten and injured very badly in his genitals. The vet had to reconstruct his genitals and it took about 100 stitches to put everything back together. He recovered fully but he was on antibiotics and pain killers for a couple weeks. I was also cleaning the area with...
  10. aurora369

    Sneezing rabbit

    The one that ended up working for Baxter was Azithromycin. The recommended dosage is 30-50mg/kg, and he was taking 50gm/kg for 10 days. By the end of the first 3 days, his nose was pretty much completely clear. I finished out the entire course to make sure all traces of the bacteria were...
  11. aurora369

    Sneezing rabbit

    For a respiratory infection, antibiotics are needed. A visit to a rabbit savvy vet is in order. It took me 6 months to get rid of a respiratory infection with one of my rabbits. I tried several antibiotics until we found one that got rid of it. Hopefully you will be able to have success...
  12. aurora369

    Sherry baby

    I'm so sorry to hear about Sherry... Binky free! -Dawn
  13. aurora369

    rip baby....

    Are you able to pick her up and look at her privates? You should not see anything protruding and she should stop bleeding within a few hours. If she is leaving pools of blood, she most likely has a baby stuck but if it is small stains or a very faint amount that is normal. How is her...
  14. aurora369

    What's going on with my bunnies?

    I think it may be something like mites or a fungal infection. Are the bald spots pretty much round when they first show up? If so it is most likely fungal. The bad litter habits are most likely due to not feeling well. Once the skin condition is cleared, their litter habits should return...
  15. aurora369

    Recommend some fragrance free products!

    I use coconut oil for a moisturizer, and it works so well! I have very dry and sensitive skin and problems with exzema too. It took me two years to finish a jar, i'm going to have to pick a new one up soon. I also really like products from LUSH. They are hand made and all natural products...
  16. aurora369

    Help with fur mites?

    I have one tube of kitten Revolution at home that you can have if you want. It is for 5 pounds. If that is too small of a dose for Gus, i can talk to my vet and see if he will sell me some revolution with out seeing the animal. Ket me know. I'm out of town untill saturday night. -Dawn
  17. aurora369


    Is there a male with your rabbit? Or did she come to you pregnant? If there is a male with her, she will need to be separated immediately, and she will be pregnant again already (due in 4 weeks). With the babies, you should really have a look at all the babies. Make sure the nest is clean...
  18. aurora369

    Bladder sludge 8yr old male

    I encourage you to go back to your vet and demand pain medication! Can you imagine having surgery and not getting any pain medication after? Rabbits are very sensitive to pain, and pain control is crucial to successful re-cooperation from surgery. Ideally you want a narcotic like Tramadol...
  19. aurora369

    Bladder sludge 8yr old male

    Does he have pain medication and if so what it is? He may need a stronger pain medication (a narcotic) to help him feel better. -Dawn
  20. aurora369

    GI Stasis and Gas

    Put some thick jeans on and also cover your thighs with a blanket before putting him in position if you are worried he might bite. Also make sure to have long sleeves on! -Dawn