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    What to do? (digging in cage)

    Yes it is loose at the moment. Me and my boyfriend are still kinda learning about what to do with bedding and what not. We use to put it under the cage bars so it would stay in place but this one was too big. We got more to redue it, and give her more since it’s big cage but our ac doesn’t work...
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    What to do? (digging in cage)

    Thank you, she does have things to chew on, sticks specifically, but I guess it’s just her. She’s always been prissy and I guess since she can’t chew on this cage she throws a fit. I just wanted to make sure she’s wasn’t in duress cuz this happens every night.
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    What to do? (digging in cage)

    Hi I’m new here so please bare with me. I have a 2 rabbits. Solider,4 RexF, and Skooma,2 mini satinF, they are not bonded and both are fixed. I’m here to talk about Solider. We resently moved and because of this we had to get her a new cage because hers broke in the move. Well her new one comes...