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  1. pla725

    Is anyone else having trouble opening the forum app?

    I'm having a similar issue. The app opens and then quickly closes. I'm using an Andriod phone.
  2. pla725

    Please help fostering my bunny (jersey city/nyc)

    Was anyone able to help?
  3. pla725

    Neglected rabbit in school classroom needs HOME

    Update? There are rabbit rescue sites on Facebook.
  4. pla725

    List the top two mistakes you've made as a beginner.

    This was 30 years ago or so. Washing my rabbit and using cat flea shampoo. Also letting him swim in the pool. Never again. Other mistakes: no hay, no veggies, using cat litter, not neutering.
  5. pla725

    Urgent In Maryland

    CONCERNED: 41 rabbits seized after a house fire in PRINCE GEORGES COUNTY , MD. The rabbits are being held at Prince Georges county animal management 3750 Brown Station Road Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 301-780-7219 Pictures can be seen here...
  6. pla725

    Urgent in the Los Angeles area

    These rabbits are urgent. They are redlined. I got these off of Facebook. BENJAMIN Pet ID: A1307000 Sex: M Age: 1 Year Color: WHITE Breed: RABBIT SH Kennel: AVOR OC Animal Care Shelter 561 The City Drive South Orange...
  7. pla725

    Taking bonded rabbits to the vet?

    I always bring a bonded pair together. They tend to comfort each other.
  8. pla725

    After neuter - blood,cone help

    The last time I had a cone on rabbit was in 1993. I just had my foster neutered yesterday and no cone. I would take it off and leave it off.
  9. pla725


    I feel better. From what I heard you should still get the shot even if you already had the flu.
  10. pla725


    The flu sucks. I feel like crap. I thought I would just share my pain. I missed a few days of work already. I did go into work for a few hours today but I think I'll stay home tomorrow. I think I will get the shot once I feel a bit better.
  11. pla725

    New Jersey

    Merry Christmas and New Years to all fellow New Jersey Bunnies and their humans from Paula and the Bunny Bunch.
  12. pla725

    Holiday greetings

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Paula and the Bunny Bunch in New Jersey. :apollo:
  13. pla725

    Hi! New rabbit owner from NJ

    Welcome Fellow New Jersian.
  14. pla725

    spine injury cause by vet

    You may want to contact the House Rabbit Society in Singapore. They may be able to assist you with this issue.
  15. pla725

    Shiny Things is in an E- collar

    A soft collar might work better.
  16. pla725

    Flip Flop

    He was a rescue that I had for the past two years. He was my foster for the first year. I figured no one other than crazy me wanted an older incontinentunsteady Holland Lop. He was definitely a little character.
  17. pla725

    Flip Flop

    I had to have Flip euthanized tonight. It was not a decision I took lightly. I could tell he was in pain and steadily declining. He could no longer stand and he was starting to waster away. He is at peace. I'll miss his little old man grumpy face and his squeaks and grunts while he eat...
  18. pla725

    RIP Dusty.

    Sorry for the loss. Frontline is toxic for rabbits. Revolution and Advantage are better. Use the cat version for under 9 lbs. just in case the other rabbits need treatment too. Plus clean the cage with a vinager water mixture.
  19. pla725

    Arthritis - When is it too much for them? (RIP)

    I'm facing this issue too with my 10 year old Holland Lop Flip Flop. He has good days and bad ones. Unfortunately his bad days are getting more frequent. I may have to make the decision soon.
  20. pla725

    Hi from NJ!

    Thereare a couple of rescues up in the Northern part of the state. One is Hug a Bunny. Good luck with finding your hopping friend.