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  1. JingleBellTheBunny

    Rabbit treats?

    Hi! So, my grandma just dropped off a few things of rabbit treats, and there are a few things that I'm pretty skeptical about. She also gave me Squirrel treats and said that it was fine to give to a rabbit, which I'm very doubtful. I'll link some pictures to the treats she got me, and I won't...
  2. JingleBellTheBunny

    Ants in cage

    Hello everybody! I just finished cleaning out Jingle's cage, and in the back corner there is an ant colony. What do I do? I want to make sure that they don't climb into her fur and bite her, which is one of my main concerns. Has anybody else had this problem with an outdoor rabbit? @Mariam+Theo...
  3. JingleBellTheBunny

    Among us game!

    hey there! If anybody wants to play among us right now, the code is XRIVDF. If anything happens, I'll update with a new code!
  4. JingleBellTheBunny


    Hey everybody! Today I noticed that when I was petting Jingle bell, her head would do this little bobbing motion every few seconds when she breathed and it sounded like she was sneezing. Should I take her inside? Or to the vet? What should I do?
  5. JingleBellTheBunny

    Stringy poop

    Hi! I already know that stringy poop means that they're ingesting too much fur and stuff. My parents have already ordered a new brush that was recommended by @Madelyn L. Is there anything else that I can do for Jingle while I wait for the brush to come? Here is the brush. It'll be here on the...
  6. JingleBellTheBunny

    Snowing really bad

    Hi! Outside my house, it's snowing really bad. I covered jingle bell's cage with a sheet to stop snow from getting in. Before I did, I checked and she was completely soaked. I closed the door to her bottom area, but left it open just enough to where the heat from her lamp can go out. Please pray...
  7. JingleBellTheBunny

    Pet carrier

    I'm taking Bullseye to the vet on friday, and I need help preparing for it. I have a Kaytee rabbit cage, I was wondering if that would be suitable to use as a carrier. Also, what should I put in the carrier that I end up using. I'm going to put hay in it, an old towel, is there anything else I...
  8. JingleBellTheBunny

    This or That? (game)

    I don't think there's been a This or That game yet. If there already is, then whoops. Here's how it works, if you don't know Person 1: fruits or veggies? Person 2: Fruit Cats or dogs And so on. I'll start it now Lionheads or Mini rexes?
  9. JingleBellTheBunny

    Arched back

    Hello! I was petting Bullseye, and he got spooked somehow. He looked like he was ready to dart away. I started petting him to calm him down. It worked, but right after he calmed down, he arched his back. He's perfectly healthy, as far as i know, so I don't think it's anything related to his...
  10. JingleBellTheBunny


    Hi! So, in the spring/summer I want to start harness training bullseye. I want him to be able to run around my yard without slipping under my fence or going into the neighbors yard. Bullseye hates being picked up, does anyone know how I would get the harness on safely? Does anyone know where I...
  11. JingleBellTheBunny

    Bunny Blog!!!

    Hi I've been wanting to do one of these for a while, but I've been busy. So I'll start off with the fact that bullseye hasn't been feeling well today, and if he's still acting weird tomorrow I'm going to take him to the vet. I've had bullseye for about a year 1/2, and he is such a sweetheart...
  12. JingleBellTheBunny

    Lethargic bunny

    I'm very concerned for bullseye. he hasn't been eating a lot of his cecotropes and he's not being himself. He's acting very lethargic. usually he's very happy and he'll run around, especially when I take him out to his x-pen. today he kinda just sat there. I'm very worried about him. My parents...
  13. JingleBellTheBunny

    Giant poop? Is this a problem?

    I was petting bullseye and I saw this HUGE poop. I don't know what this is, can someone please help.
  14. JingleBellTheBunny

    rabbit mix?

    Hi, so I've been looking at pictures of jersey woolys and I noticed bullseye is not as fluffy as them. Is it possible that he's a mix? my friend said he kinda looked like a rex mix, but I'm not really sure about that. Any help figuring this out would be appreciated, thanks!
  15. JingleBellTheBunny

    Fleas! Help!

    I was outside petting bullseye, and he was scratching a lot. So I looked through his fur and I found fleas! I was googling it and most of the things I found on how to get rid of them has something to do with putting water on the rabbit, and I would only do that if it were absolutely necessary...
  16. JingleBellTheBunny

    Bunny Nicknames

    Hello! Put down the nicknames that you call your rabbits here! I call Bullseye many nicknames, I call him stinker-butt because it seems like he knows how to get me frustrated. I also call him my little lovebug because he's can be very affectionate at times. I also call him mister because he's a...
  17. JingleBellTheBunny

    Post pictures of sleepy buns!

    Post pictures of your cute sleepy bunnies here!
  18. JingleBellTheBunny

    Wet rabbit

    So today it rained, and bullseye's fur was a bit wet. Is there a chance he's going to catch hypothermia? I know that rabbits aren't supposed to get wet. I've already dried him off with a towel, but he was still pretty wet. Is he okay or is there something else I need to do?
  19. JingleBellTheBunny

    Is he catching a cold?

    Earlier today, when I was petting bullseye, he let out a noise that sounded like a cross between a sneeze and a hiccup. Is he catching a cold? I haven't heard him make any noise like that before.
  20. JingleBellTheBunny

    Bullseye's 2nd Birthday!

    Today is Bullseye's Birthday! He's had a great day so far! I'm getting him new toys later today, and I gave him a super big leafy green breakfast. He is a very happy boy today!