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  1. FlopsyBunnies4


    Looks like a broken orange to me as well. However, I don't see the agouti markings on the nose or really around the eyes as much in those pictures. Almost looks like a broken chocolate tort, I could be totally wrong but just a thought.
  2. FlopsyBunnies4

    Help! Cat attack

    I’m so sorry he didn’t make it. I have a fan is my bunny room and it helps keep them cool and comfortable even though the temperatures here are 100f.
  3. FlopsyBunnies4

    Is this a “nest”?

    Hi! I would recommend starting a new thread if you want help figuring out your rabbits’ genders. If you do start a new thread, adding pictures if possible, might be helpful!
  4. FlopsyBunnies4

    We had a fright this morning!!!

    I can relate so much!! My sweet boy Stormy always flops like that and I have gotten pretty used to it by now. I always still stand there for a moment to make sure he’s breathing because it still sometimes scares me 😂 The other day though I had taken Beatrix to the vet because she had allergies...
  5. FlopsyBunnies4

    Preventing Babies

    I would agree I feel like 3months is just at the start of her being able to get pregnant so probably unlikely. I’ve heard 12wks is when males and females should be separated. Definitely keep them separate and keep an eye on her for any changes in behavior and be prepared in case as that young...
  6. FlopsyBunnies4

    saw her mother after long time

    So sweet!
  7. FlopsyBunnies4

    Rabbit Sick?

    Hi all! We ended up taking her to the vet because I didn’t feel comfortable leaving for our trip without knowing if there was a problem. Good news - they vet said she looks very healthy and there is no sign of infection or sickness and her teeth look good so she feels like it is not necessary to...
  8. FlopsyBunnies4

    Reserved bunny/considering adoption

    Hi! I have had littermates go to homes together and they have done great together! In some ways, it's nice because they have known each other their whole life and are already quite bonded. The only thing is as they reach maturity they may start to fight or if it is a boy/girl pairing you'll...
  9. FlopsyBunnies4

    Rabbit Sick?

    Hi everyone, A couple of weeks ago I posted a thread on my Holland Lop, Beatrix, having a weepy eye and wet nose. The eye cleared up but her nose is still wet and I've heard her sneeze more (5ish times a day). I don't see any gooey or white discharge from her nose or from her eye when it was...
  10. FlopsyBunnies4


    I once had a little runt. She was from a litter of eight holland lops. She was very adventurous in the beginning and my guess is she missed a couple feedings. Around 2-3 weeks she was half the size of her siblings. I gave her supplementary feedings and when they started eating solid food I gave...
  11. FlopsyBunnies4

    Get to know each other game!

    Do chickens count? We have seven! TPBM has a pug
  12. FlopsyBunnies4

    Weepy Eye - Help!!

    Thank you for all this help!! I really appreciate it :) Her eye has cleared up a ton and is pretty much back to normal! I think the chamomile compresses helped. Her nose seems fine too. It’s still a little wet but my guess it’s probably from the hay or heat or something in the air. I’m not too...
  13. FlopsyBunnies4

    Weepy Eye - Help!!

    Hi everyone, My Holland Lop bunny Beatrix has a very weepy eye and a bit of a wet nose (I've heard her sneeze a couple of times). This has happened to her a couple of times before the most recent being about a month ago but it has happened yet again this weekend. I would love some advice! I...
  14. FlopsyBunnies4

    What Does The VC Mean With Holland Lops?

    Agreed. I forgot to add that the breeder we got her from was definitely unreasonable and irresponsible. That being said, I do find VMs to be more expensive from my experience.
  15. FlopsyBunnies4

    What Does The VC Mean With Holland Lops?

    Yes! I have often found they do sell for more, at least in my experience. When I bought my VM Holland Bun she was 4x as much as my other non-Vienna Hollands. My sweet girl does have sensitive blue eyes, especially from the light and dust, but they absolutely breathtaking!!
  16. FlopsyBunnies4

    Get to know each other game!

    Yes! I do have a lot of house plants although I do have to say I seem to be a better bunny mom than plant mom 🥲 TPBM has goats
  17. FlopsyBunnies4

    thoughts on lennon the bunny

    I have watched Lennon the bunny! I really appreciate her helpful content but do have to admit it has made me feel pretty bad to not be able to free roam my bunnies. I love that she wants to spread awareness about bunnies and where/how they should live but feel she has a lot of criticism towards...