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  1. TreasuredFriend

    Erroneous Gender ID

    Just wondering if any members obtained juvenile (pre-adolescent) buns and s/he turned out to be the opposite gender? (insert name of origin if you choose). Perhaps a simple yes / no.
  2. TreasuredFriend

    Who has rescue rabbits?

    Curious how many guardians have rescue buns? History/backgrounds? Ages now since you rescued? Were DVM trips needed upon intake due to parasites, maladies, et al?
  3. TreasuredFriend

    From Pet Talk

    Crediting Cats & Rabbits for this link on a FB entry. Baxter, the Baby Bunny... "It's unfortunate that this woman could not wait two hours for a phone call ... "
  4. TreasuredFriend

    The media reporting on parade rampage I agree with MM who posted in the comments,
  5. TreasuredFriend

    Flemish Giant Attacks Jack Hanna

    March 24, 2010 Jerry's adopter told me of the Jack Hanna episode on G'Morning America. Her husband saw it. Donald Deane wrote a reply on AOL. television. com -- you have to google on the keywords noted in the description line to pull up the video. Rabbit Attacks Jack Hanna on Good Morning...
  6. TreasuredFriend

    Unpeeled willow baskets

    Was in Stein Garden & Gift last week with my sister. Spotted some baskets in the basket aisle that look almost identical to the Busy Bunny chew rings made out of the same willow type reed. Small baskets with handles in various oval, square shapes were priced at $1.99. No staples or nails in the...
  7. TreasuredFriend

    WI area weekly Rescue/Rehomes

    Request for intakes are coming in at 3-4 each week the past month. I will post here with a few details regarding the latest emails. ------------------------------------------------------------ Male, breed unknown, show bunny was a 4H project however the son is no longer interested in the rabbit...
  8. TreasuredFriend

    I don't understand the wording

    Why do humans refer to females that way?
  9. TreasuredFriend

    Will they freeze? :shock:
  10. TreasuredFriend

    Q. re: dominance of Tortoise-shell dutches

    Right off the start, I'm thinking RO members tonyshuman, Haley, and myheart... Anyone else with tortoise-shell dutches of either gender? Did you find the bonding process with a companion difficult? Ultimately the female in our home is chasing the male (both are altered) if he doesn't GROOM...
  11. TreasuredFriend

    Rescue/Adoption IL : video includes baby pictures :
  12. TreasuredFriend

    Mom with 8 babies, stray in parking lot

    1. Animal lover, well-known as an animal-compassionate person (she has two labradors already), gets a call from her employer that found a stray rabbit in the parking lot. 2. Animal-lover aka labrador "mom" agrees to provide temporary safe haven for the One, repeat one, outcast rabbit. Days...
  13. TreasuredFriend

    Reddish Rabbit is free She or he is beautiful. You have to hope the West Bend, WI, individual would consider surrendering him/her to a nearby Shelter. OR carefully screen for the proper rehoming effort. So many in need of decent homes; just as many at shelters...
  14. TreasuredFriend

    Get rid of the plain black bunny
  15. TreasuredFriend

    Craigslist, free Dutch rabbit Free Dutch Rabbit - 11 weeks old (Racine) [line] Date: 2009-08-09, 7:21PM CDT
  16. TreasuredFriend

    Human coughing fit

    Coffee or toast went down the wrong way earlier this week and brought on a semi-serious coughing fit to ole Gramma Julie. Within half a minute, the house was thumping! I bet the housebuns would've called 911 or my DH on speed dial if my coughing would have escalated, or I woulda fallen down on...
  17. TreasuredFriend

    Cruel humans

    Anyone subscribe to the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society yahoo group? Where do humans grow up, and get these thoughts? What is their early teaching and mindset for being so cruel? Do they learn this in school, from peers, from parents, from media? A member wrote about something that...
  18. TreasuredFriend

    Healthiest Pets, I'm sorry but they ...

    Dogs, cats, fish, birds, horses... Where's the section for rabbits????? I wrote to and sent 'em a link to the page with Sooska's Chris getting groomed by Buttercup, Gentle Giant's silver babe on DH while reading...
  19. TreasuredFriend

    Tapeworms: Pamnock, where are you?

    Pam, did you give that education talk you were organizing for the kids, yet? Do you need more visuals? :cry2 I've got one. Karla just passed the gross-est looking thing I've (ever) seen. It was a tapeworm. Can you use the pretty-lookin' picture for your seminars? She had a segment from this...
  20. TreasuredFriend

    Reply to bunnylady2 (Liz), and rabbit link info

    Inspiration? Any one got some ? Liz, I respond to your StevenCurtisChapman note from the Infirmary section, Frontline used on Snowy, *RIP.* Mods of RO, if this note is inappropriate here please shift to Let Your Hare Down or proper section. I felt RO members lurking may gain smiles or insight...