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  1. Flash Gordon

    Bladder sludge

    Description (Breed, color, weight) white ,6-7lb Age )not sure have had him as an adult for 3years Sex) male Concise Summary of the Rabbit's Condition: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION / CHECK LIST: (Please fill in relevant info). Fecal and Urinary Output - are the bunny's poops and pees normal...
  2. Flash Gordon

    bombarded with email notifications from RO

    how do i stop all the mail im getting from RO for every reply on topics ive put on my watch list?...i still wanna watch it on my profile here//but not filling up my email everyday...ive looked under preferences and this box is unchecked below...:? "Always notify by e-mail when replies posted to...
  3. Flash Gordon

    Allergic reaction to eye ointment??

    Flash has been to the vet twice now for a growth on his eye ..glaucoma and ulcers have been rules out so we are administering NEOPOLYDEX eye ointment twice a day for a week..suppose to talk to the vet tomorrow to let him know if this has helped his eye...well this morning i noticed that the rim...
  4. Flash Gordon

    something growing on Flashies eye

    ok trying not to freak out here ..i noticed something on flashies eye yesterday but thought it was the way the light was hitting it....well tonight its obviously something on his eye and it doesnt look good....ive looked up all the eye diseases that rabbits can get..and it doesnt look like a...
  5. Flash Gordon

    What do you see in this pic?

    i strolled across this pic online and at first didnt know what i was looking at..i know what it is NOW but it messes with my eyes still.....i wanna know what u guys see in this pic?.
  6. Flash Gordon

    used rabbit hutch disenfecting help

    i bought a hutch from somebody on Craigslist for 20 bucks got it home and then thought about all the diseases it could be carrying im worried about putting one of my buns in it...ive soaked it in vinegar a couple of times..went thru a whole gallon of it..then i sprayed Vanodine all over...
  7. Flash Gordon

    My Magical Bunnies

    Im Lisa ,I joined RO a couple of months ago thinking that id only come back on occasion to visit,,,but i find myself on here everyday enjoying myself...Some of you might have already seen me voicing my somewhat abrasive opinion on a thread or i thought maybe it was time to introduce...
  8. Flash Gordon

    one of my buns just screamed!

    i was in my bedroom and i heard the most horrible sound of my buns was screaming!!..ive heard how terrible it is to hear this but ive never actually heard it til now!.i went flying into the living room where they are all housed in cages and i scared all of them so bad when i ran in...
  9. Flash Gordon

    ignore button

    the ignore button on the top of each post ..what does it do exactly?..:?
  10. Flash Gordon

    secrets to having age old buns?

    i am on a few rabbit forums and i see alot of buns that are always sick and end up dying at a very young age... i love my buns so much and i want to do whatever i can to keep them as healthy as possible so they live to a ripe old age.. i wanna hear from people who manage on keeping their bunnies...
  11. Flash Gordon

    debate between breeders and rescuers for proper diet.

    ok i know this is a touchy subject around here and im not trying to egg it on ..but do you guys think that maybe ur both right when it comes to proper diet... the breeders say pellet only diet is fine and theyve had great results from it.. the rescuers say 80% of buns diet should be hay and...
  12. Flash Gordon

    what brand pellets to u feed ur buns?

    im looking for a good pellet to feed my buns that i can get in a large sized bag reasonably priced....right now ive been getting the purina green bag (which is cheap) but i wanted to get something a little big better quality....i was buying the oxbow but with 9 bunnies(2 of them giants) that got...
  13. Flash Gordon

    Crickets,Ants in my house..ACK!

    ok so it first started out with a cricket or biggie right? i have thousands of crickets in my house...weve sealed the outer walls up a little better ..and that has helped...thank god..but i have glue traps down cuz i have no idea what i can use to spray with my bunnies ...the...
  14. Flash Gordon

    hello from Arizona

    hi there...i just wanted to say hello to everyone before i went cruising around the Lisa and i have 9 bunnies who have all picked lucky me to be in their amazing world,,well except Flash hes my Thrianta that i chose from a breeder..the rest have all magically hopped into my life wether...