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    hey guys i need some help with a bonding process. i have two males (both neutered and all healed) and i had them meet in neutral area today. it went great and they were grooming eachother and cuddling. i moved them to their intended living space and as soon as i did, they circled and fought. :(
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    rabbit bonding

    obi has already been neutered which is the good part but i do not want either of them to get seriously injured
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    rabbit bonding

    thank you for your help. they’ve been seperated for now and i have an appointment for him to get neutered
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    rabbit bonding

    hi i’m new to this site as well as a fairly new rabbit owner. i’ve owned a holland lop for 8 months now and recently got another that’s about 9 weeks currently. they’re both males and obi (8 months) keeps trying to dominate /mount the 9 week one and they’ve scuffed it out once now but can you...