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  1. PickleTheBunny

    hay portioning

    I have a decent variety of hay stocked in my room for Pickle to try out, but since there’s a ton i’m wondering if this much would be healthy for Pickle. So far I have alfalfa, oat, western timothy, grass orchard and the average plain timothy. Though the majority of his hay is alfalfa because...
  2. PickleTheBunny

    odd behavior after vacation

    I left for 2 days to go on a short vacation with my family and friends, leaving my aunt to watch over the house and care for the animals. When I come back Pickle just seemed scared and wouldn’t greet me like normal. I’m wondering if Pickle forgot me? Or maybe he’s just mad I left.
  3. PickleTheBunny

    free roaming troubles

    Pickle is a young rabbit and of course very curious .He always gets into stuff he’s not supposed too or chews anything that’s not this actual chew toy. I’m trying my very best to not get frustrated with some of the stuff he does that either, ends in him hurting himself, or destroying something...
  4. PickleTheBunny

    Confusion about bunny language

    I’ve been asking a lot of stuff but bare with me. I always stick my hand next to pickle so he can sniff me. Today he put his head under my hand and flattened on the floor. So I went to stroke his head and give him cheek rubs, after a bit I stopped and continued on with my day. I’ve been...
  5. PickleTheBunny

    possibly sick bunny?

    When I woke up this morning Pickle was doing his usual zooming and binkys but later on in the day he started being a little weird. He’s been hiding a bit excessively and has weepy eyes. He’s been sleeping for awhile now and I saw the weepy eyes after he woke up, so i’m not sure if the...
  6. PickleTheBunny

    Pickle update

    Thanks to all the information and sites I received me and Pickle have come a bit closer. I learned that he loves celantro and raspberries so i’ve been hand feeding him those when he hops close to me. He eats some pellets I give him on a spoon every once awhile. I’ve also been pretending...
  7. PickleTheBunny

    Meet Pickle and another new member

    Pickle is a male holland dwarf lop. He’s about 4 months old and one of his favorite things to do so far is zoom. Pickle is a curious bunny, exploring every area then sleeping the day away once he’s worn out. I posted a thread yesterday for advice on bonding with him and totally forgot to...
  8. PickleTheBunny

    beginning bunny owner! advice needed

    Just yesterday I had ended up getting a bunny for an early birthday present. He’s a 4 month old male holland lop who I named pickle. Pickle is doing pretty well so far, he’s zooming around my room and doing lots of binkys. I’m a new bun owner and I need a little bit of advice! I’m not...