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  1. TreasuredFriend

    Housing for unbonded bunnies??
  2. TreasuredFriend

    Why Did You Get Rabbits?

    After volunteering at the local humane society. The rabbits were neglected and not on the same par as the top two surrendered pets. It was an eye-opener to read the reasons why people surrendered them. Prior to volunteering at shelter for numerous years, I rehabbed cottontails. When our...
  3. TreasuredFriend

    The joys of being a bunny parent

    2nd pic: Our Flemish Giant surprised us wrt how high he could grab something "out of reach."
  4. TreasuredFriend

    The joys of being a bunny parent

    Bottom pic; He knew he had free roam time in my craft room. "I don't hear her, she's probably busy elsewhere in the house. hmmm, I can jump on the appropriate spots and renovate."
  5. TreasuredFriend

    The joys of being a bunny parent

    Look closely at the bottom left-hand corner next to wall. Some bun wanted to expand the bottom section.
  6. TreasuredFriend

    The joys of being a bunny parent

    One of our n/male house cats liked to pee on our daughter's bed. Our sp/female dog used to destroy anthing she could with her teeth until we figured out why. Ruined furniture and woodwork and household decorations. That is why there is education available on how to bun-proof and the...
  7. TreasuredFriend

    Help gendering rabbit?

    I've used this phrase as reference: Taco or donut. The DVM visited our crew for 1st RHVD2 vax's. We weren't sure when our young boy's testicles were not obvious at 3 months. Penis or donut gental area indicated male. // Vet mentioned that boys can withdraw their testicles into their...
  8. TreasuredFriend

    How to get my new bunny to enjoy being pet?

    Have you access to large chew safe baskets, a large statue or item (storage tub) to place in a corner, a flat ceramic tile like Blue eyes mentioned. or place an end table in the desired "diggy" corner. Bricks in the spot of his/her "i'll destruct this fun spot by the wall as stimulation for my...
  9. TreasuredFriend

    Hypothetical question
  10. TreasuredFriend

    Hypothetical question

    Trust is important and helps establish a comfort factor to being picked up, held, and wanting to sit in your lap or lay on the floor with you and tooth purr. Margo DeMello, renowned author, presented an education talk on the colonies of rabbits she had at her New Mexico property. As rabbit...
  11. TreasuredFriend

    Hypothetical question

    More info in this book wrt housing and caring for a large number of discarded rabbits.
  12. TreasuredFriend

    Hypothetical question
  13. TreasuredFriend

    Hypothetical question

    Pipp was an admin/moderator on RO years ago. Nowadays she manages a colony of rabbits in her rescue organization.
  14. TreasuredFriend

    Angry rabbit that biting and not eating - pregnant

    At the DVM clinic the other day, the DVM in the hallway corridor was explaining to a client about destructive behavior of her dog that would shred her expensive bed sheets. ----------- Why aggression is displayed, here is another link...
  15. TreasuredFriend

    Angry rabbit that biting and not eating - pregnant

    Problem is : hormones and trust. Feeling safe. All rabbits have personalities for sure. They are not a pair of shoes, fancy bling, or a stuffed toy. An outdoor environment factors into the dangers they hear and see. OTOH, a forum member and I were discussing the sassy behavior of our...
  16. TreasuredFriend

    Angry rabbit that biting and not eating - pregnant

    More resources on aggression. People often say somebun is sweet and docile, just to move the aggressive hormonal behavior into someone else's care. A 4 yr. old Unspayed female at the shelter was docile with us socializers who understood her. Large, agouti unspayed female named Sandy. Us...
  17. TreasuredFriend

    Angry rabbit that biting and not eating - pregnant

    More on aggression:
  18. TreasuredFriend

    Neutering to help with poop????

    Our newest intake got neutered a month ago. He shares a bunny bedroom with an 10 yo spayed harlequin and 7 yo neutered dutch. Prior to neuter and during his pre-neuter playshift time, poops and pee went everywhere. On hubby and myself of course with the urine jets. The spraying hose...
  19. TreasuredFriend

    My rabbit died and we don't even have a body to bury

    I love to hear positive reports of humans providing a good (muchj-loved to excellent!) life for any discarded, unwanted companion. Thanks for mentioning your experiences, @Nancy McClelland.
  20. TreasuredFriend

    RHVD2 in the US - what you need to know

    - The shelter who spays and neuters all surrendered rabbits that come in also vaccinates to protect this region from the "sticky" virus. Notes were sent to the shelter staff wrt biosecurity, and our rabbit-savvy DVM is up-to-date.