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    So, I have two female bunnies. One is a total angel the other one has a very strong attitude. Lately I have noticed that the trouble maker of the two has started digging through the litter box and creating a complete mess. Before I got the two I did a bunch of research and because of that I know...
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    Tips on clipping nails?

    I know i just posted but i have another question. My bunnies HATE being held like they will scratch and jump out so fast so what is the best way to clip their nails without completely traumatizing them and making them forever hate me?
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    Cant figure out how to bunny proof bed!!!

    Hi so im a relatively new bun mom and i have tried so many things to bunny proof my bed but it does not seem to work. I have an adjustable bed frame so the head moves up and so do the feet so i cant just put those metal grids along it because it moves! Any ideas? I dont want them under there...