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  1. Hoolia

    Trust Woes

    I am once again lamenting over my rabbits not loving me. Pup has been coming down with snuffles which has been a Problem because i havent found a vet here in the city yet and have no way to transport him anyway (no car, no carrier anymore because he keeps eating them.) But in recent weeks he’d...
  2. Hoolia

    Coat Condition Question

    I should clarify: her SKIN isn’t drying out, just the hair itself feels rough and dry instead of its usual silkiness
  3. Hoolia

    Coat Condition Question

    My princess angel baby love, Thumpette is the most beautiful bunny in the world and I worship the air she breathes but I just recently noticed that her fur is not as heavenly soft as it used to be! Granted she’s older, she could be as old as seven this year and I know bunnies’ coats get duller...
  4. Hoolia

    Litterbox issues, enclosure solution?

    Yeah I tried taking the rug away yesterday and it worked! But it worked because she and Pup never set foot on the wood floor. So the rug is going back today.
  5. Hoolia

    Baby Bunny Fever

    Do any of you ever just feel the unhinged NEED to bring home a baby rabbit? I’ve only ever had ONE baby bunny out of the 9 rabbits I’ve owned and it was simply magical. Of course I can’t justify getting a baby bunny right now; between the fact that I have two seniors (6 and 8) and the pet...
  6. Hoolia

    Litterbox issues, enclosure solution?

    OH! Yeah I should've mentioned that Thumpette is peeing outside of the litter box! Not even a lot, like she's not leaving full bladder puddles, just these little quarter-sized spots in front of the litter box (but far enough that i know she isn't just missing over the edge.)
  7. Hoolia

    Litterbox issues, enclosure solution?

    i’m thinking of restricting my bunnies’ run area again to see if it helps their litter box habits. Lately every time I clean their area, they make it messier! I sweep up their poop and put it back in the litter box but then they just poop MORE outside their box. It’s getting ridiculous...
  8. Hoolia

    Trust: Square One

    I feel like our big move broke my bunnies’ trust in us. Just before we moved, Thumpette especially was being so sweet and loving, greeting me at the door, binkying at the sound of my voice, nudging my hand for affection. All that trust seems to’ve gone now. Will that bond come back in time do...
  9. Hoolia

    Rabbits Traumatized From Moving?

    Yesterday we moved Pup and Thumpette from our quiet rural house into our tiny new apartment in bustling NYC. I don't think they're taking the move well. I transported them in the smaller of two cages I owned, stuffed with hay so they wouldn't slide and shift around in the back seat and would...
  10. Hoolia

    Sleepiest Bunny Ever

    Little over a week ago, I came home to Thumpet being just deliriously sleepy. Sweet little thing just couldn’t keep her eyes open, like she was simply exhausted from hiking or something lmao She snapped out of it around 5-6pm after a good nap, but i just thought it was the funniest thing...
  11. Hoolia

    Star Crossed Lovers

    Update #2: The lovebirds aren’t mounting each other as obsessively anymore and letting each other play independently. There’s been some 3-way snuggling in the litter box, sharing food no problem. Pup has taken a couple naps in Thumpet’s bedtime cage and she’s been napping at my feet. Territorial...
  12. Hoolia

    Star Crossed Lovers

    Little update on the hoppy couple! Now that Thumpet has gotten more comfortable in her territory, I’ve introduced her to Pup out in the yard. They’re still very much in love, though Thumpet’s hormones make her quite rambunctious. Pup is patient with her though, and accepts her authority right...
  13. Hoolia

    Post pictures of your rabbits

    My friend gave me this little angel. Like my last perfect angel, i didn't expect her to warm up to house life, but she surprised us all with how sweet and loving she is! I'm so obsessed with her
  14. Hoolia

    The joys of being a bunny parent

    When Gobi was a spoiled baby without a cage, he’d wake us up at 4:38 on the dot every morning to make us aware that his bowl was empty. He’d jump up on the bed and bonk us in the face until one of us got up to feed him. If we didn’t he’d lick our nostrils so we couldn’t breathe. A year later...
  15. Hoolia

    Some broken nails and a broken heart

    One of my fosters has been really anxious lately. I figured from smelling the new bunny across the hall from his room or because the hay i was given was very poor quality. He’s been kinda hot and cold; lunging at hands giving him food, panic fleeing from anyone entering his pen to clean or...
  16. Hoolia

    Star Crossed Lovers

    Lol this is a really sappy and longwinded way of saying i watched my rabbit fall in love today and I’m excited about it xD
  17. Hoolia

    Star Crossed Lovers

    Seems old Pup has had no luck in love. His family abandoned him, his two bonding mates have been more like lukewarm roommates, and the last girl he saw had a grudge against any long eared creature that moved. Now 8 years old with a lot of love to give and nobody to give it to except a sad old...
  18. Hoolia

    The Queen Laid To Rest

    She’d choke on anything though. Most often it was water, but she’d choke on a single piece of hay, pellets, banana, apple, sometimes nothing at all; it was just how she was. There was no way to predict or prevent it, just had to help her get through it.
  19. Hoolia

    The Queen Laid To Rest

    I should’ve made this announcement a while ago. Idk maybe it was just too painful to talk about. I’ve probably mentioned it, but my sweet baby girl Mrs Brown has passed on. she suffered a rare condition where she would just randomly choke for a couple minutes and shake herself out of it usually...
  20. Hoolia

    Obligatory: What color is this angel?

    Im making that post. I’m usually pretty good at identifying rabbit colors but this doe has me stumped. She’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and I can’t figure out what color she’s considered. My theory is opal or lilac and some sort of sable???? Not sure. She’s a mix of like 4 different...