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  1. MayBae

    New bunny mom here!

    I'm sure you're doing great!!!! It can be very frustrating. It takes so long sometimes to gain trust. Be strong! You're doing awesome
  2. MayBae

    New bunny mom here!

    Hi Kay and Binx!! Welcome to the forum!!!!!!! Bonding takes time. I would advise laying/sitting on the ground and reading a book or just sitting and let him approach you and check you out. It'll take time and maybe the first few times he won't even come up to you. Give him a lonnggg time of...
  3. MayBae

    3-4 week old baby hollands losing ALL hair

    Could you send a picture of the dewormer you used along with a picture of the bunnies? Have you changed anything in their diet? Have they had access to the yard and any chemicals sprayed on it? Have you applied anything to their fur or surrounding area? How are they acting under these...
  4. MayBae

    How to help surviving rabbit

    I'm so sorry for everything you went through. I can only imagine how difficult it was and is. If your living bunny is acting completely normal and not hiding away or not eating, then he should be okay, just continue to supervise and make sure he doesn't change any of his natural behaviors.
  5. MayBae

    Baby bunny not being fed!

    It should be just fine to move the baby after gently trying to get the other bunny's scent off and try to get the new mamas scent on it. You can also hold the mama and let the baby nurse that way.
  6. MayBae

    Please Help! Birthing Questions

    Hello TammyP!! Congrats on a healthy litter!! Don't stress too much. A little blood is expected and she won't nurse for probably 24 hours. When she does it'll only take about 15 minutes. For now I'd just leave them be. Make sure mama has access to never-ending fresh water, hay, and pellets...
  7. MayBae

    I’m getting a baby chick is this decision stupid?

    If there are two roosters, it won't matter for a few months. If they grow up together they wont fight until they are older. Don't worry too much just care for them and they'll be a-okay!!!!! Don't stress too much, tho impulse buys are bad, with care and effort it'll end okay!!!! Also DJJMM when...
  8. MayBae

    I’m getting a baby chick is this decision stupid?

    Hello! Just focus on getting a heating lamp and keeping plenty of food and water for them. Also with being gentle as chicks are very fragile. We've had chickens for mannnyy years. Probably 16ish years. Though impulsive buys aren't the best, I'm sure with your dedicated care it will end okay. A...
  9. MayBae

    Help! Move nest box?

    In addition to moving the nest to a lower level, to prevent the hungry lil babies from holding on and falling out, you could make a ledge on the edge of the nest box (if possible) to prevent them falling out and getting too cold.
  10. MayBae

    Until the next lifetime, Nallies!

    I'm sorry for the loss! I bet she was amazing. She is in a better place!! 💕💕💕
  11. MayBae

    what should i use to cover up the ends of the cage fence?

    Hello! For wire ends I would cut it close and grind it until it is flat and there are no sharp edges. If you can't do that, duct tape will be okay as long as it can't be eaten, like you said. ( haha maybe someone else has a better idea?) For the 2nd question, if you put a plastic bin or cat...
  12. MayBae

    The ban game

    I ban you for banning whiterabbitrage!!!!
  13. MayBae

    Rabbit Breed and Age?

    He looks like a baby double-maned Lionhead to me! He is sooo cuttteeeee
  14. MayBae

    This or That? (game)

    Ooooof both are bad!! I'll have to say tornados. We don't get too many and they aren't soooo bad as they could be. Books or movies?
  15. MayBae

    Grooming! Brushing hair and trimming nails !

    Firstly, your bunny is adorablleeeee. So unique and pretty. My rabbit also had that problem where he hated being brushes and was/is rather head shy (Im guessing it has something to do with his previous bad home) I would cover her eyes and set her on your lap and pet until she is calm and while...
  16. MayBae

    This or That? (game)

    Towers! Feeling the air and being up high!! too cold or too hot?
  17. MayBae

    New Bunny in home, old bunny upset?

    She is adorable!! For real that pic will be in my mind whenever I think of the Easter bun! Just wanted to mention to be careful with the Xpens! If they are that excited to try to be with each other, they will probably try to escape. Rabbits have been known to go to drastic measures to escape. I...
  18. MayBae

    Poor Roo’s eye is BAD

    Her teeth are okay? I’ve never had a serious eye problem with my bunnies but I hear If teeth are too long they cause problems. All I can say is I’d try to keep it clean and dry
  19. MayBae

    Rabbit in heat? Or angry at me? | Please give me suggestions!

    To me she sounds like a territorial bun. Maybe she does know he’s there and is acting up because of it, or maybe she matured a bit more and is just marking and keeping her space.
  20. MayBae

    MED QUESTION...HELP (syringe feeding)

    You could try adding the meds to a bit of mashed banana! Thank you for caring so much about your rabbit and trying so hard to help her 💕