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  1. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    Dog shock Collars

    Dog shock collars seem to have a very negative view from a lot of people. They are compared to tasers and people say they are a form of abuse. I personally think that they can be used as training tools for stubborn dogs. What do you think about them...
  2. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    Rabbit With Poopy Butt

    One of my pregnant rabbits has poop surrounding her bottom. She wont' let me touch her. She has gotten very mean durring her pregnancy. Also I have to be careful restraining her be cause she is due in less then a week. Is there something to feed her that will help. I really dont want it to get...
  3. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    Family Ethnic Cuisine Week-need ideas!?

    Family Ethnic Cuisine Week-need ideas I want to do a family dinner week featuring a different place or type of food each night for dinner. I was thinking an apptizer, main dish, side dish, and desert. But thats flexible. Example: Japan- California Rolls, Tempura, White and Fried Rice, and...
  4. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    Lovely Little Bunnies and All the Rest

    I take care of more than 2 dozen animals here. I live for my rabbits and the joy they bring to my life. I have four rabbits(and will have a lot more soon). My two girls are Dasiy and Galilee both are due to have kits in about two weeks. My boys are Serendipity and Oreo. This is Seredipity. He...
  5. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    How did you get your name?

    How did you get your name:your looks, your attitude, something you did? This is how we got our names: My name is Oreo and my mom named me that because I am white with black spots. (Real creative right) I am Oreos sister Dasiy and I got my name from the show the Dukes of Hazard. Thats me...
  6. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    What diet changes do pregnant rabbits need?

    Do they need to eat more? I did swich there hay from timothy to alfalfa. Do they need more fruits or greens? I am very worried seeing how I did not want either of them to get pregnant.
  7. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    What do you guys like to play with?

    Oreo:I like toilet paper rolls and cat bells. Daisy: Something covered in food orfilled with food.:D Serendipity: Bouncy Balls, cat balls, golf balls or beach balls. Anything I can run or chase after. Galilee: I'll skip the toys and take a brush instead or just a hand right behind the ears...
  8. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    How to Beat the Heat?

    There are lots of info on keeping rabbits cool but I was wondering what are the best method. My rabbit shed has a portable air condioner that keeps it in the 70s. But the promblem in there outside pen. They recently have just played in the basement or up stairs, but now I am buying a 10x10 dog...
  9. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    Hello Everybody

    I have 4 bundels of joy. Galilee my first rabbit (along with her sister who passed) is a calm even tempered snuggle bug. Love to curl up at my feet when I am reading or lying out on the couch to watch TV. Loves to be stroked and brushed for hours but hates being lifted. She is also a mama to...
  10. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    Alternative Housing

    What is the best housing and habitat for rabbits to be. There is so much contridicting info. on the web, but the main thing people say is to keep them inside with you. Thats great unless you have six cats and three dogs constantly bothering them. so is it fine to keep them out side in a large...