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    Revolution and Possible Ear Mites?

    We just adopted our foster kitten and yesterday I found out the kitten had ear mites. Bentley has been interacting with the kitten for about 3 weeks now before we found out. We got 3 doses of kitten revolution, should I give one dose to Bentley in case he does have it? He does scratch his ears...
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    Paper based cat litter?

    Anyone use the brand exquisicat paper crumble litter? Or other soft paper cat litter for their bun? We currently use the horse stall pellets which we love but Bentley hates the feeling so we but carefresh on top ( hay is in a box In the litter box due to scab leftover form infection and I don’t...
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    which kind of Neosporin?

    which type of neosporin safe for rabbits? or if he were to lick some, would it be dangerous?
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    Abscess scab

    Hello, so its been almost 2 weeks since Bentley started procaine injections and the abscess is pretty much gone. There no swelling and no inflammtion or redness at all. We go back to the vet tomorrow for hopefully out last recheck. However, he does have 1 larger scab and I belive 1-2 small...
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    Possibly licked some penicillin residue?

    Have Bentley his injection today and I noticed that a tiny bit leaked out(did not see any white but did feel a tiny bit of wetness) I wiped it with my hands and quickly went to get a wet towel to wipe him off but when I came back he already started to lick. I quickly stopped him and clean him...
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    injection - no negative pressure in syringe?

    Hi all, I have started Pen G procaine injection and I just tried my self. Everytime I pull the plunger I get air. The vet tech and how i saw on video is that the plunger should go back to the original place and I pull it back. Anyone have suggestions?
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    When to give bene-bac and how much?

    bentley is on antibiotics baytril and Penicillin procaine, so i got some bene bac but I am not sure when to give it? should it be before or after the antibiotic? Also how much should i give? He is 2.75 lbs
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    Abscess and Bicillin (Marcy E. Rosenfield (Moore) )

    4 days after Bentley's neuter, I discovered a quite large swelling above the neuter incision. I emailed the vet and brought him in the following Tuesday. The vet mentioned that it's likely a abscess and prescribed baytril, metacam and gabapentin. I don't think the baytril will do anything...
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    pre-op bloodwork done day of or before?

    For those who decided to do bloodwork for thier buns for surgery, in my case neuter, if the pre-op bloodwork usually done the day of surgery or a few days before surgery?
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    Bolton vet in CT

    Does anyone have experiences with Bolton vet in CT? For neuter/spay. There was a thread about them but that was from 14 years ago so I really don’t think any of the information is up to date. TIA
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    heel is very crusty

    Bentley doesn't have the best litter habit as he is not neutered yet (we will be doing so soon) and sometime when he is in deep sleep i notice he has a habit of peeing where he is. At first I thought it was a UTI or something worse like neurological but a vet visit ruled both out. He only does...
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    Nationwide insurance for spay/neuter?

    Does anyone have nationwide insurance and have a idea if any plans cover spay and neuter? is the insurance worth it? Thanks
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    Vets in CT

    Does anyone have experience with Kensington bird and animal hospital? They are definitely pricy but based on some research I believe they have a lot of experience. Bc of his retained testicle I’m just extra worried about anesthesia. Any other recommendation would be greatly appreciated!
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    Experiences with cryptorchid neuter

    Hello! I have a 2.5 year old holland lop who weighs about 2.7lbs. I got him when he was 9 weeks and when he was 6 months old I had initially wanted to neuter him. After reseaching some articles online (including reserach articles) and talking with the vet, it was said that if there wasn't any...