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  1. J3lly

    Breeding true dwarf and false dwarf

    I have heard that males should be smaller than the female when breeding is that true? I have a female who is 2 lbs and a male who is 3 lbs. The female has wonderful type and her temperament is good. My male’s type is weaker but he has an amazing temperament. Would I be able to breed them?
  2. J3lly


    Does anyone give their bunnies camomile? A woman who sells bunny treats on Etsy says that camomile is good for bunnies and calms stressed out bunnies. She puts the flowers in her treats and gives the flowers to them in a bowl. Is this true or just a way to sell her treats?
  3. J3lly

    Grumpy Bunny

    I just got a new female Netherland dwarf doe. She is four months old. She is very grumpy and I am afraid of her. If I put my hand in her cage she grunts and lunges even if I am just changing her water bowl. She had only been with me for 2 days. I know she needs time to feel comfortable. When...
  4. J3lly

    Is this a good quality lynx ND

    Hello, I am thinking of getting another bunny. This buck is 6 months old. I am still learning about how to pick a good quality bunny. I am reading the Netherland dwarf guide book. Would he be good for breeding, show or pet? What are your opinions. Is lynx a hard colour to work with?
  5. J3lly

    Bunnies fed yogurt and jam

    I have been seeing weird posts about things people feed their rabbits. Last week on kijiji I saw a woman rehoming a rabbit with digestive problems. She fed her rabbit poor quality pellets (bonanza) No hay because the rabbit doesn’t tolerate hay and yogurt to help with the digestive problems...
  6. J3lly

    How long should bonding sessions be?

    If things are going well with bonding is it better to do short sessions or long sessions?
  7. J3lly

    Teenager bunny into everything!!

    My bunnies were neutered almost 2 weeks ago and my white one named Loki has all of the sudden found all of the places that I was a little worried were not quite bunnyproof. He has left them all alone until yesterday. He has discovered that he can fit under the couch. I kept shooing him away...
  8. J3lly

    Has anyone bonded bunnies before 6 - 8 weeks after neuter

    I am going to start bonding my bunnies around December 24th. They are both neutered and that will be the 6 week mark. I am curious if anyone has ever tried bonding earlier than 6 weeks. I would love to know if it was successful or disastrous. Don’t worry I am going to wait the full 6 weeks...
  9. J3lly

    Neutered bunnies recovering

    My bunnies were neutered today. My white bunny Loki is recovering quicker than my brown one Link. Loki is eating a bit of hay and he ate a bit of greens and has been pooping a lot. His eyes look alert. Link is not recovering as fast. He looks very drowsy still. He ate a bit of romaine...
  10. J3lly

    Bonding- should I wait 6 or 8 weeks

    My bunnies are getting neutered on Tuesday. I know I am supposed to wait 6-8 weeks before trying to bond. If I wait 6 weeks, then bonding day will be December 24th and I will be home for the next 12 days on winter break. If I wait 8 weeks, then I will be back at work. My bunnies are Netherland...
  11. J3lly

    Is my bunny moulting?

    Today I noticed that my chestnut Netherland dwarf bunny’s fur looks strange. He has a big patch on his back that looks darker than the rest of his fur. He just turned 6 months old. Is he moulting? Will it go back to normal?
  12. J3lly

    How much banana and how often?

    My bunny Loki just discovered that he likes banana. I gave him a 1/4 of a slice to try 3 days in a row and his tummy seemed to handle it fine. How much banana can he have and how often?
  13. J3lly

    Thanksgiving bunny photos

  14. J3lly

    Are leaves from raspberry bushes safe for bunnies to eat?

    I have raspberry bushes in my backyard. Are the leaves safe for rabbits to eat? I also have sow thistle in my back yard.
  15. J3lly

    At what age is a baby bond no longer considered a baby bond?

    I have two bunnies. The breeder told me that one is a male and one is a female. I separated them before they reached sexual maturity. I kept them side by side so they could still see and smell each other. Well, today the vet checked again for me and they are both definitely boys. Link is 4...
  16. J3lly

    Do you have to brush Netherland dwarf bunnies?

    I was wondering if I should brush my Netherland dwarf bunnies. I have not tried yet. If I need to, then what kind of brush should I get? How often should it be done?I am sure every bunny is different, but do Netherland dwarf bunnies like to be brushed in general?
  17. J3lly

    Introducing Link and Luna

    Hello, I am a first time bunny owner. I have always wanted bunnies but my husband did not like rabbits because when he was 5 a rabbit bit him. Where we live there are a lot of wild rabbits hopping around in the morning and at night. Every time I would see one my heart would just melt. This...
  18. J3lly

    Have my bunnies manipulated me into filling up their hay racks too frequently?

    I am a new bunny owner and I have a lot of learning to do. I notice that I throw out a lot of hay. My bunnies have their hay racks right beside their litter boxes so that they can eat and pee and poop to their hearts content. So far they are both pretty good at keeping most of the pee and a...