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  1. Brie Prsnk

    We are back

    We are back! I was unable to log into my account here for a while :( But me and biscuit are back!! Biscuit is going to be live streaming on twitch certain days of the week :) We are searching for feedback! Somedays we will be live cleaning his area or giving out tips for new rabbit owners...
  2. Brie Prsnk


    Every time I have to vacuum I have to take biscuit outside and he is not a big fan of the outside enclosure. What vacuum do you guys use? Our vacuum is super loud but can handle hay alright. I'm looking for a quieter one.
  3. Brie Prsnk


    I guess some could say Biscuit is a carpet enthusiast or lover. He will dig and pull it all up if he could. I'm looking for a cheap, safe material to put under his x-pen. I'm planning on covering it with fleece because he chews a lot and will eat everything more than likely it will be a sheet...
  4. Brie Prsnk

    DIY toys

    Does anybody know any good DIY toys I can make for Biscuit? I have made a few before like cardboard balls, cardboard squids, paper bag hay feeder, and a few others in the past. I'm looking for more to make. Biscuit is not so much into cardboard as my old bun used to be. He usually just throws...
  5. Brie Prsnk

    Bunny date

    Yesterday Biscuit went to see a few rabbits. He ended up liking 2 of them but they didn't quite like him back. Most of the rabbits he saw were about 3x his size it was crazy! While we were at the rescue the kind ladies help us told us some more about Biscuit's personality. They said he...
  6. Brie Prsnk


    Saturday is the day we are taking Biscuit to the shelter to do some bunny dating with a few females. The shelter we are going to is a bunny rescue and they have many rabbits and it is about 2 hours away. Biscuit will be riding in his hard plastic carrier to the shelter. What should I bring...
  7. Brie Prsnk


    My past rabbit that passed away a month ago was always assumed to be a male. We got him from a small local pet shop about 10 years ago at 6 months old. The pet store just assumed so his whole life he was a he but... one day I picked him up and he had nipples that you could feel and they were...
  8. Brie Prsnk


    My old rabbit, Oreo, used to do tricks really well and every time he saw food he would do a trick he would also do a trick every time I pointed my finger. Biscuit has not been that quick to pick up on these tricks. Does anybody have any ideas on how to get him to learn these tricks? I currently...
  9. Brie Prsnk

    How much should I feed Biscuit?

    Biscuit weighs almost 4 pounds. How much food should I feed him? Right now I feed him 1 cup 2-3 times a day and sometimes a little snack. Is that too much or too little? Please let me know!
  10. Brie Prsnk

    Toy recommendations?

    Biscuit is very picky with his toys and really only has a few he likes. He loves willow and things he can throw. His all-time favorite is those dried up water hyacinth balls. He isn't into cardboard as much as my other bun was. He likes things he can throw but also chew on. He isn't a big fan of...
  11. Brie Prsnk

    What breed?

    What breed is biscuit? He is sort of fluffy and is 1 years old. Just let me know if more pics are needed :)
  12. Brie Prsnk

    Meet Biscuit

    Hello everybody! Meet my small little dude, Biscuit. Breed: Mini Rex Gender: Male, fixed Age: 1 years old Personality: Very crazy, friendly, and loving Favorite treats: Bananas and mixed treat + herb pack (includes rose petals, strawberry, etc) Favorite toys: Hangers and 3 bunch o fun balls...
  13. Brie Prsnk

    Free roaming

    I have been wanting to free roam biscuit in my bedroom. What is a good start? I know I'm going to have to bunny proof and make sure there isn't anything out he can get into trouble with. I have an area in mind to put his litter box and supplies so that should be taken care of. Any products you...
  14. Brie Prsnk

    Bowl tipper

    Biscuit has always been a bowl tipper since he was a baby. I don't want to have to keep buying porcelain bowls since I have the tendency to break them. What can I do to prevent him from tipping his bowls? Rounded bowls can sometimes work but he usually just nudges his head under them and tips...
  15. Brie Prsnk

    New to the forum!

    Hello, everyone, I am Brie and I have a 1.5-year-old rabbit I think he is a mini rex and he is a neutered male. Recently my 10-year-old dwarf mix, Oreo, passed away Oreo and Biscuit were best friends. We are now looking for another rabbit to adopt. Does anybody have any tips on how to keep...