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  1. Rambobunny

    How do I stop bun from peeing on the sofa?

    Rambo likes to pee and leave poops on the sofa whenever he’s left unattended or when I’m not in the room. This happens a lot overnight (it’s often a surprise in the morning to see what he’s left me…). He’s very well toilet trained otherwise so I think it’s a territorial thing. I’ve tried putting...
  2. Rambobunny

    Checking after neutering

    Rambo was neutered yesterday which went well thankfully 🎉 We’ve been advised to keep an eye on the incision however struggling with this as his belly is so fluffy and the area is difficult to see. He also kicks and fidgets so don’t want to cause him stress or him to hurt himself. Does anyone...
  3. Rambobunny

    Rabbit doesn’t seem to be pooping

    So my buns acting like normal, eating and flopping but I haven’t seen him poop since 10.30 this morning and it’s now 4.30pm. He did lots of zoomies this morning and loads of healthy looking poops but I’m just concerned as to why he hasn’t done any since Any help or advice would be appreciated!
  4. Rambobunny

    Keeping rabbit calm during car journeys

    Hi everyone I took Rambo (my bun) to our closest rabbit savvy vets yesterday for his pre-nurturing examination which is 45 minutes away. Do you have any tips on how to keep a bun calm during a car journey? He’s heart rate was going super first after the journey there which calmed down after a...
  5. Rambobunny

    Transitioning to adult diet

    I was wondering when to start transitioning my bun to adult pellets? He’s nearly 5 months old and still on burgess excel junior pellets. I have the adult pellets ready to go to start the transition which apparently they can eat from 4 months old. Any help would be much appreciated :)
  6. Rambobunny

    Has anyone used Pet Remedy before?

    I’m looking to buy pet remedy for my bun for stressful situations e.g vets etc. I wondered if anyone had used it before for their bun?
  7. Rambobunny

    Is this normal?

    I previously posted about my vet giving my rabbit xeno 450 for parasites after lots of itchiness and some head shaking. She did a check on his ears and said they looked healthy with no signs of infection or ear mites and did a skin sample but couldn’t see any mites. I gave his first dose last...
  8. Rambobunny

    Help with ear scab/scratching

    I’ve had Rambo now for about a month now who we keep as a free roaming indoor bunny. I noticed he was scratching a lot and recently shaking his head. I took him to the vets two days ago and they checked his ears and took a skin sample but couldn’t find any mites and said his ears looked healthy...