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  1. MiloTheBunny101

    Just asking about the forum…

    Hello! Was wondering if anyone knows how to change my username and delete my old posts?
  2. MiloTheBunny101

    Quick help needed! Toy ball ID

    Hello! I’ve found a ball that Milo rlly likes, the problem is i dnt know what it’s called! Please may u help me! I bought it from a toy set which I don’t want to repurchase since it’s quite pricey. Here’s some images of what it looks like…pls tell me the name of this :
  3. MiloTheBunny101

    Please put rabbit etsy shops here!

    Hiya! Me and Milo and most of the rabbit community believe that small businesses are better than the big! We rlly love supporting them xx could u guys link ur favs? These shops could sell anything bunny! 🧡
  4. MiloTheBunny101

    Quick grooming help

    Hi all! gonna brush Milo for the first time soon, do u guys have any advice, im rlly nervous!?
  5. MiloTheBunny101


    Saw this on the news recently! A 50p peter rabbit 2016 coin has been put on sale on Ebay for a whoopin £8,800,000!! I know so cheap! Just kidding! This thing is craZy expensive! Lemme show you the link if you don’t believe me Peter Rabbit 50p Coin (2016) | eBay
  6. MiloTheBunny101

    Milo’s Vlog 1 : Welcome / outside first time / cuddles 🥰

    Hello! Welcome to my first blog!! I plan to do this quite often so people could just tune into our craZy life 😜 If you don’t know, Milo is a 8 week old, male mini-lop and I’m his mummy! I’m an experienced bunny owner and have owned 2 bunnies!! One living for 4 years after suffering from an...
  7. MiloTheBunny101

    bunny MUSIC for SLEEPING and CALMING

    Hi all! Hope you and your Bun Bun have been having a wonderful day!! I sure know Milo has ( more about Milo and my day is in my blog which is in the blog forum) !! Recently iv’e come across this amazing 5 hour long music for rabbits! Bunnies need to sleep for around 6 to 8 hours everyday! They...
  8. MiloTheBunny101

    Different types of hay : what and why

    In this thread, i will put down different types of hay for your rabbits and why you want it and why you don’t.
  9. MiloTheBunny101

    Quick Help Needed! Won't use ramp

    I have just added the a slope to my cage for Milo my mini lop and he doesn’t seem to know how to get up. Does anyone have advice on how to gently show him that he can go up the slope to get to a huge running place?
  10. MiloTheBunny101

    HELP! Litter-training advice needed

    Hi all! My 8 week old mini-lop Milo has been welcomed to our home. He’s been here for a couple of days now and I’m not quite sure if I’m making progress with litter training. My tactic so far has been to put his poo in his litter tray hoping that he would then know that thats where it poops. It...