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  1. krsbunny

    Touched by a Rabbit (new book) Now Available

    What do you answer when someone asks you “Why rabbits?” TOUCHED BY A RABBIT: A Treasury of Stories about Rabbits and their People [/i]offers 39 entertaining and unique answers to that question. I am pleased to announce that the latest collaboration between myself and Lucile Moore is now...
  2. krsbunny

    Metoclopramide -- A Different Perspective

    First, I want to say how much I appreciate the information on thisforum ... especially when it is different from what I have heard in other groups! The perspective here on misuse/overuse of motility drugs has caused me to adjust my thinking. But when I see posts like Dotty's mom hating to admit...
  3. krsbunny

    Medications Discussed in Naboo's Thread

    At the risk of being banned for speaking up, I need to start by saying I get very concerned when I read a statement like "Sulfatrim will cause severe diarrhea". This is a medication I havegivento many rabbits over the years and still find it to be a good broad-spectrum antibiotic for a variety...
  4. krsbunny

    E.C. -- Diagnosing and Treatment Experiences

    Hi All, I'm picking the group's "collective brain" on this subject as it is near and dear to the hearts of many in the bunny world (including many of my closest bunny friends). Randy, I know you're the resident expert here and a couple of my questions are specifically for you: You...
  5. krsbunny

    Pain Medication Experiences

    I am interested in hearing the experiences (good and bad) that folks on this forum have had treat a variety of types of pain (GI, dental, post-surgical, arthritis, other), what medications seem to work (and not work) for each of these, side effects you have observed personally or have heard...