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  1. RabbitO

    Summer Adventures!

    Cute bunnies. Make one want to hold and nuzzle them. Do they like to have scratches at the base of their ears?
  2. RabbitO

    The forum software just updated

    The maximum size is 10240KB.
  3. RabbitO

    The forum software just updated

    How were you trying to do it? You can just use the attach files button on the lower left of each post, and upload directly from your gallery of images on your device.
  4. RabbitO

    The ban game

    I ban you for being poist #296.
  5. RabbitO

    Summer Adventures!

    Sorry I got the rabbits mixed up. Interesting how that white with blue eyes works on some animals.
  6. RabbitO

    The forum software just updated

    Selling any animal is prohibited. Thanks for asking first.
  7. RabbitO

    The forum software just updated

    You must be a member of the forum. And you have unlimited editing so when your item sells you can edit the top post and change the For Sale prefix to Sold.
  8. RabbitO

    Can I put this here?

    Please post them in the new classified section. They will be perfect there.
  9. RabbitO

    Can I put this here?

    Let me find the best area for those to be listed.
  10. RabbitO

    The forum software just updated

    The video upload has been tweaked and is working again.
  11. RabbitO

    The forum software just updated

    The software updated and we have found that often that will reset your Preferences. Especially if you have had the Disable Ads checked. IF you are seeing ads again, just go to Preferences and check the Disable ads again. And remember to SAVE. If they are showing checked, uncheck them...
  12. RabbitO

    Summer Adventures!

    Some beautiful bunnies. Is Robus deaf? I know white cats with blue eyes usually are deaf, so I'm wondering if it's the same with rabbits.
  13. RabbitO

    Hello there

    Very nice looking bunny. And welcome to the forum.
  14. RabbitO

    Get to know each other game!

    oh yes TPBM likes long walks in the country
  15. RabbitO

    The joys of being a bunny parent

    Grey is very plush looking. You must take very good care of him.
  16. RabbitO

    Silver Marten vs Black Otter

    I don't know the details but that is one handsome rabbit. I like the shading of the fur.
  17. RabbitO

    Getting my first angora bunny

    Do you have a photo of him/her?
  18. RabbitO

    Show off where you put your RabbitsOnline stickers!

    Hi everyone, Thanks for all that are a Rabbits Online Supporting Member and have received the RabbitsOnline sticker. Have you put it on a hutch, or a box that you keep feed in? Or where? You also can have a couple of Rabbit Online Forum stickers by becoming a Rabbits Online Supporting...
  19. RabbitO

    Increased file size for attachments and videos!

    I have increased the attachment (images, pdfs, etc) from 5140 to 20480kb. And we now have video up to 51200kb (it was 5120 kb.) There is an upload video button on the lower left next to the Attach Files button for your convenience.
  20. RabbitO

    Who are your favorite Rabbit supply sources?

    Thanks for all these sources. If anyone has more, please feel free to add to this list.