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    Astrex Rabbit?

    Hi everyone...a few weeks ago we welcomed a litter of 5 lionhead rabbits. It appears one of the kits has wavy fur. Is this an astrex or do some lionheads have fur like this? He's also the runt of the litter ( almost half the size of the others), but he is strong and very healthy. If he does...
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    Bunny Kisses?

    My lionhead just gave birth a few days ago. She is a VERY attentive mama and doing a great job, especially with this being her first litter. I "check" on the babies first thing each morning to make sure all have been fed and are in the nest box. When I do my checks, mama licks me on the leg...
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    Please Help! Birthing Questions

    My bunny (lionhead) just gave birth to 6 babies, 1 stillborn and 5 living and seemingly in good health. I don't know what to expect right now. She seems to have bloody discharge (she gave birth at 3pm EST) and maybe some very wet stool pellets that appear to have blood on them...just not sure...
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    Pregnant Doe Early Nesting

    Hello everyone...Im new to breeding buns. I bought a bunny last year and she has forever changed my world/life. I absolutely love her (and rabbits) much so, I had her bred (white, blue-eyed lionhead) to see if rabbitry is something I would like to pursue. Today is day 20 post breeding...