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  1. AmandaCat

    What color is my Holland lop?

    I just adopted this little guy a couple days ago, and I’m curious about his coloring. Is he a broken tort?
  2. AmandaCat


    I lost Louie early yesterday morning. My heart is absolutely shattered; he was only three years old. I just need to get out everything that happened. I noticed Sunday evening he wasn’t eating and was hunched, but it looked like he had recent poop in the litter box. I gave him simethicone and...
  3. AmandaCat

    Should I get a second rabbit?

    I have a two-year-old mini lop, Louie, who I’ve had since he was 10 weeks. He lives a nice little life with a decent size cage and running around my room when I’m there, and he loves getting pets and treats. He flops all the time, so he seems pretty content to me. He’s really easy going; I’ve...
  4. AmandaCat

    Simethicone for GI Stasis

    My bun ate his whole dinner (small amount of pellets) as normal about 1.5-2 hours ago. Just now when I looked at him again, he was pressing his stomach into the floor. I offered him two kinds of treats, which he sniffed but wouldn’t eat. I noticed a couple poos connected with hair in his litter...
  5. AmandaCat

    Should I neuter a well-behaved bunny?

    My mini lop Louie is almost two years old. I had planned to get him neutered when he began to show aggressive behavior at puberty, but he never did. He never charges or bites, and I’ve never seen him spray. He’s curious and calm, really just a great bun. I want to eventually get a second bunny...
  6. AmandaCat

    Is this normal?

    I just gave my mini lop his pellets, and he went to scarf them down like he usually does. After about 30 seconds, he jumped into his litter box and just jumped from side to side over and over, and then he made this loud gagging sound. He made the same sound again a few seconds later and just a...
  7. AmandaCat

    GI Stasis Causes

    Six days ago I noticed my one-year-old mini lop wasn’t eating or pooping and was sitting hunched over, which is unusual because he loves to sprawl out. After about ten hours of this I syringe fed him Critical Care and took him to the emergency exotic vet, who said it was likely an early case of...
  8. AmandaCat

    Do I have to neuter my bun?

    I have read many online pages about why to neuter rabbits, and I fully planned on getting Louie fixed. However, I’ve read so many horror stories about bunnies that reacted to the anesthesia that I’m scared to take him in. He’s nine months old now, and he’s never once bit me, growled, lunged, or...
  9. AmandaCat

    Bunny Walks - Helping or Hurting?

    My 3-month-old mini lop Louie loves going on walks. He adjusted to his harness and leash almost immediately, and every time I take him out he binkies constantly. We have several acres behind my house he loves to explore, and it’s way more exercise than he could ever get in my tiny room...
  10. AmandaCat

    Sneezing Bunny

    I just got my mini lop a week ago. A few days after he came home he began sneezing; he hasn’t had any fits that I know of, but he’ll sometimes have several sneezes in a minute, and then not sneeze again for a few hours. I’ve been checking his nose, and it was only wet once with clear discharge...
  11. AmandaCat

    Traveling with new bunny?

    I’m supposed to pick up my new little mini lop in a few weeks, and I am so excited! However, I realized my family is going on vacation exactly a week after I get him. I really want to be with him and have him get used to me in his new environment, so I’m really frustrated with this timing...