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  1. Samara

    Meet Alan! (New Hampshire)

    Alan is looking for his forever home! Check him out! He's crashing in my living room currently, but would love a home to spread his wings and really be a bun. He's still intact; he's half English Lop and half single-maned Lionhead. He's short-haired though and built like his father. He has...
  2. Samara

    Starling is unhappy with Pidge...

    I've talked in my blog lately about Starling having rows with Pidge - grunting at her, lunging and pushing her over, that sort of thing. Star will be 4 months old on August 10th - I just got off the phone with my vet scheduling her spay for this month, but my question this usual for...
  3. Samara

    Fasting 1 Day A Week?

    So I have a rabbit magazine (recently put out) and in one of the articles a rabbit-savvy vet mentions how it's good for a rabbit's digestive tract to "fast" one day a week - but the key to this "fasting" is to provide only HAY. So it isn't truly fasting, but more so taking away pellets and...
  4. Samara

    Raisin Cane has a Facebook!

    My blog now has an attached Facebook page! Anyone from the forum is welcome to friend the rabbits and I! :) <casts out the fishing line and hopes for some bites> :biggrin2: We're under the email [email protected] See you there!
  5. Samara

    Rat Lovers - Cage Help!

    I have two male ratties, Copernicus and Coggs. I just upgraded them to their permanent dwelling today because previously Copey was too small and fit through the bars. I adopted him at 2 weeks old (:grumpy:) and fixed him up and he's now 5 weeks plus a couple of days and growing strong. His...
  6. Samara

    Book Club: August!

    Title: A Table by the Window Author: Lawana Blackwell Paperback: 416 pages Synopsis: Having survived a tumultuous childhood, Carley has fashioned an orderly life for herself in San Francisco. Then a private investigator brings her news of a large inheritance—and a house in Tallulah...
  7. Samara

    New NIC Condo

    I threw myself into making the NIC condo I've been dabbling in making recently. I picked up some things at Home Depot. I added a second level, put a bin feeder back on, and at Pipp's recommendation in various posts I opted to cover the current linoleum with indoor/outdoor carpeting for better...
  8. Samara

    Heavy Heart

    It's with a very heavy heart that I explain the changes we've made in our rabbit household. As many of you know we've had trouble with our three bucks fighting. Gubble and Atticus are neutered and Matthias was waiting to be neutered when he was of age. Atticus and Gubble had a row not...
  9. Samara

    8 week old - eating 2 cups a day?

    :? I realized today that Starling and Pidge, who are housed together, are eating 2 cups of pellets a day. They have unlimited alfalfa too with a bit of timothy mixed in occasionally for kicks. I give them a measured cup in the morning and again by mid afternoon. Free feeding under a...
  10. Samara

    Malocclusion? (Pictures)

    So while grooming Pidge this afternoon I checked her teeth and noticed this: Her jaw is aligned as far as her chin lining up with her nose. Her top and bottom teeth don't meet; Dean wasn't pulling her jaws apart when the pictures were taken. Her bottom teeth aren't flat across -...
  11. Samara

    Iz Gubby. I wrote a song.

    Iz Gubby here! I wrote a song today. Iz going something like dis: OOOHHHHHH.....! How I hate this gate! OH I hates it SOOOO! It's always in mah way, oh NOOOO!! I thumps out nice and loud, But hooman doesn't help me! She callz me Goo-bey and gives me a pat, IZ HATING THIS GATE...
  12. Samara

    Critically Threatened; Look! Rabbits are 4th down. :(
  13. Samara

    Injured Cottontail Story

    My husband called me this morning and told me he found a small cottontail on the side of the road that had some injuries. I made up a crate and set off to pick up the wee one. He was alert and didn't appear to have any broken bones; he had an eye injury and some blood around his mouth. I...
  14. Samara

    Name Suggestions (Pics included).

    These cute little ladies are coming home this weekend with me. I'm having trouble pining down names for them though. I really like bird names: Wren + Sparrow. I've already used these two names on past pets though, and I don't know if it would be disrespectful to their memory to reuse them...
  15. Samara

    Organizing my pet food area...

    Check it out! I didn't want to upload the pictures to Photobucket because, well, I'm being lazy. :halo But I did work on a project this weekend and just posted my results on my blog with pictures. Maybe it'll give people some ideas!
  16. Samara

    New Bunnies!

    They are both does, due to come home June 1 or 3rd! So excited!! Check out the page I made for them. I just got new pictures tonight from the breeder: Name suggestions would be AMAZING!! :biggrin2:
  17. Samara

    NH Craigslist Today - FREE 4 week old mini rexes. 3 of them. Anyone able to take them in till they're older?
  18. Samara

    Let's see those multiple bun set-ups!

    Share your pictures of those multiple bunnies in your home! How do you house them? How do you handle out time? Was it a process finding just what works for you? Share!
  19. Samara

    Getting Urine out of White Fur?

    Any tips? I've tried wipies, dry shampoos, regular shampoos...everything short of shaving. Thank you!
  20. Samara

    Sigh. Molly and Gubby Issue.

    All righty. So I've had Gubble since Octoberish of last year and Molly since January of this year. They knew each other was in the house, but Gubby wasn't neutered and shortly after arriving here Atticus sired a litter with her due to my stupidity. I posted about that before on here. (This...