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  1. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    Dog shock Collars

    Dog shock collars seem to have a very negative view from a lot of people. They are compared to tasers and people say they are a form of abuse. I personally think that they can be used as training tools for stubborn dogs. What do you think about them...
  2. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    Inside or outside? (poll)

    My rabbits live outdoors inside. When they were little they lived inside then they moved to the basement. Now all 18 live in their own shed.
  3. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    Best toys for my bunny?

    I made a cardboard castle for my rabbits. Its a combination of 5 large boxes with 3 levels and tunnels made out of soda boxes. They added the open roof and a number of windows.
  4. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    Tell Me Your 3 Favorite Books

    Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. These are the best book I have read in years absolutly wonderful.
  5. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    Lovely Little Bunnies and All the Rest

    Unfortunatly two of Galilees kits aren't feeding well.One isvery skinny, but by holding the doe upside down and let him suckle for a bit longer, he has a bigger bellie but is still the skiniest of the 6. I will post pictures and hopefully when I do he will have a plump bellie. The other kit is...
  6. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    How much does your rabbit(s) like "sweets" ?

    All my rabbits are fans of strawberries. and Serendipity enjoys a lot of blueberries very often.
  7. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    Baby Pictures of our Babies

    New born babies a day old.
  8. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    Baby Pictures of our Babies

    New born babies a day old.
  9. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    Lovely Little Bunnies and All the Rest

    Here is Galilees litter , all are still beautiful and healthy. Also Daisy had her birth last night. She has eight little squirmies. She didn't have them in the littter box so they were all over the cage. I placed them all in the nest box and Daisy seemed pleased. I will post pictures of Daisy...
  10. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    You know you're obsessed with rabbits when...

    the majority of veggies in your grocery cart aren't for you. Haha so true
  11. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    What Breed Is This Dog?

    It looks like she has some german shepherd in her as well as golden retriver or collie. She will most likely be med. to large dog.
  12. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    Lovely Little Bunnies and All the Rest

    Galilees kits were born early this morning or late last night. Head count of 6, 3 dark ones 3 pink with black spots. Mom is doing very well. She did a great job with the nest. I will upload pics. tomorrow because i dont want to disturb them again. Daisy should have hers by tomorrow. She...
  13. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    Lovely Little Bunnies and All the Rest

    The girls are busy nest making. I can excpext to see kits in a few days. I will update pictures as soon as possible.
  14. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    please respond... hay!? which are good?

    It sounds fine. But it should be the same quality that you will get horses. It is much better for rabbits
  15. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    Autumn had 5 little baby bunnies!

    Very Pretty colors. I hope my girls kits will be as good looking as Autumn's
  16. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    Rabbit With Poopy Butt

    One of my pregnant rabbits has poop surrounding her bottom. She wont' let me touch her. She has gotten very mean durring her pregnancy. Also I have to be careful restraining her be cause she is due in less then a week. Is there something to feed her that will help. I really dont want it to get...
  17. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    Can rabbits have the big bales of have instead of the meadow and timothy hay?

    That is what I use for my rabbtis Our neghbor sells us hay and delivers it for free. The hay they sell in Pet stores is overpriced and usuallly for a small amount. I would see no reason for you not to use it for your rabbit.,
  18. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    A Kid Named Kaelum

    wow what a wonderful little rabbit you have. I tink I will start two of my rabbits right away. I already have the jumps- mini jumps for dog agility.. One of my boys is a definate hopper and I hope my other little boy will take to as well.
  19. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    List your pets!

    Dasiy And Oreo Serendipity, Boy, 2 years old Galilee, Female, 2 yrs old Henry, Male, 3 yrs old Mason, Male, 1 yr old Tiger, Male, 3 yrs old Ginger, Female, 8 mths Buddy, Male, 2 yr old Dizzy, Female, 2 yrs old Mufasa, Male, 2 yrs old Patches, Male, 3 yrs old...
  20. Little_LongEared_Lover2931

    Say niegh!

    Wow, you all have some beautiful horses. I am crazy about horses but unfortunatley I don't have one yet. I ride at lessons as often as I can. I can't wait till we have fences for horses I am sure Henry(our mini donkey) would enjoy the company.