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  1. whiskylollipop

    US cilantro (coriander) may be contaminated

    From KWWL/AP: More than 380 in US sickened by cilantro-linked infection Posted: Aug 05, 2015 10:48 AM NZST Updated: Aug 05, 2015 10:48 AM NZST By DAVID PITT Associated Press DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - Two U.S. agencies say more than 380 people in 26 states have...
  2. whiskylollipop

    Are they really bonded?

    Merlin and Sasha have been living together for over 2 months with no fighting or disagreements. I wouldn't say they're inseparable but they do sit and loaf side by side in their cage sometimes, and seem comfortable together. They give each other head grooms often, and Sasha loves sitting with...
  3. whiskylollipop

    Pastel harlequin?

    Hi guys! I came across this listing for baby bunnies, and despite my two years of lurking on all manner of bunny listings, I don't think I've ever come across a bunny who looks like this!: Go to Photo 5 and 6...
  4. whiskylollipop

    Never gains weight

    Can rabbits be wormed? Or is there any other reason a bunny may be constantly skinny? Since he was a wee bubs Merlin has been quite thin and boney. He doesn't look it because of his fluff, but when I pet him I can feel the ridges of his spine. I used to feed him 1/4 cup timothy Oxbow plus one...
  5. whiskylollipop

    Does this relationship smell bad?

    Need some big-sisterly advice from the community. I don't trust my boyfriend. He has hidden things from me in the past and I feel he continues to hide things. He won't let me use his phone, for example. We have been together 3 years, live together, and as I am a student and only have a part-time...
  6. whiskylollipop

    7 year old kid licks everything? Moms help

    Let's take a break from the furkids and talk about this human kid I've got lying around my house. She is 7, intelligent, outgoing and normal in nearly every way. But she has some kind of weird oral fixation where when she's absently watching TV and thinks no one's looking, she grabs stuff and...
  7. whiskylollipop

    Getting apartment sprayed for fleas, rabbit safe?

    We've had a growing suspicion for a while now that Odin, our rescued cat, brought in some flea hitchhikers with him during his stay last month. Bubs and I have been getting bites recently, and he wants to get a flea sprayer guy in to kill all the bugs. From what I understand after they spray...
  8. whiskylollipop

    To those with bunnies and cats:

    Hi! So I have my two small breed bunnies. And now I have a cat as well. He is a pretty formidable moggy, already 4kgs and he's just 6 months old. Tall, lithe, likes his rough playtime. I never really thought about cats playing rough but then I remember they are predators. What I'm getting at is...
  9. whiskylollipop


    Found some tiny black crawlies in the bunnies' area today. Why do we suddenly have mites?? Did they come in with the hay? The cat? I don't see any dandruff or droppings on the bunnies though. What should I do? :( I'm totally clueless.
  10. whiskylollipop

    Why people think rabbits make bad pets

    Read this lovely little piece today: ...I must inform you that my own rabbit, Ms. Cleo, took this time to eat through a power cord that costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $64.99. Then, when I tried to catch her and...
  11. whiskylollipop

    Quick help- Can rabbits catch CAT FLU?

    It's a long story but we're going to receive a rescued cat today to house temporarily. We are told he has a history of cat flu and has an appointment with his shelter's vet on Tuesday for it. Supposedly it's getting a lot better, but obviously I'm worried the bunnies could catch some remnant of...
  12. whiskylollipop

    Merlin&Sasha + a kitten?

    Well hubs was talking with his colleague about how much he (ok, we) wanted a cat, and the colleague mentioned that his sister had recently bought a kitten but was now urgently looking to rehome it as her other cats had starting bullying it. She was having a hard time finding takers because the...
  13. whiskylollipop

    Spayed rabbit still spraying?

    The rescue I got her from told me she was spayed, but I'm starting to wonder if Sasha's spay was botched somehow, or if there's some other adrenal issue causing her to still be hormonal. She's still being very aggressive towards Merlin, and today I found sprayed pee on the walls of the bedroom...
  14. whiskylollipop

    The Diaries of Merlin Puffsbottom and Naja Seraphina

    "Honestly, Mother," he says with a wry lip curl. "You can't possibly believe that this diminutive lady with such odd pointy ears could ever take the place of my dearly departed brother." "Shut up, Merls," I respond politely. Welcome to the blog of Merlin and Sasha. (and their devoted slave...
  15. whiskylollipop

    Single soft smelly unformed poop

    Hi guys, Merlin just left this poop...It doesn't look like cecotropes but it is soft, wet and very stinky. He's had a big day today meeting Naja (who we took home!) so I'm wondering if it might be stress or eating some unfamiliar veggies that the rescue lady put down for both of them. But just...
  16. whiskylollipop

    Caring for a depressed bunny

    Merlin's not doing well. Since Rosebun died I've been letting him out for longer and trying to spend more time with him, but all he's been doing is this: So this is my log of things I do to see if it helps him feel better, in case anyone else has to go through a bunny bereavement and, like...
  17. whiskylollipop

    A friend for Merlin?

    Rabbits aren't all that rare here in NZ, I'm frankly surprised there aren't any rabbit rescues around (that I can find). Rosebun passed yesterday, and I've been distracting myself by looking around for a possible future friend for Merlin. Ideally it would be a small-sized neutered female adult...
  18. whiskylollipop

    Sweet dreams, Rosey.

    1pm, Friday 4th April 2014. Rosebun hopped to the great beyond. I never thought I'd have to say goodbye to you this early. You only just turned 1. All I can think about is how I should have let you had that pizza piece you wanted just before you were so quickly taken from us. And the earnest...
  19. whiskylollipop

    Stop peeing on me.

    Do you ever just sit on the floor hanging out with your bunnies, having a nice time, surfing the net, chilling out, sharing your banana.. and all of a sudden homeboy just settles himself in your lap, wiggles his tail and lets out a warm stream of pee all over your chinos?? Like, what. Merlin...
  20. whiskylollipop

    Wet poopy bum, no other symptoms

    Rosebun has been having a mildly wet bottom for the past few months. He is 1, so that's pretty much most of his adult life. It's never been soaking wet, just a small spot of constant dampness, and sometimes he would leave wet drops where he sits. No other symptoms. The vet wasn't concerned about...