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  1. Blue eyes

    Online Rabbit Store IDEA

    There are a few such online stores already. You could get some ideas from those. I also stumbled across a site that has some really cool rabbit items and, unfortunately, also some horrendous items "for...
  2. Blue eyes

    Holiday with Rabbits

    That looks just great for their vacation home!
  3. Blue eyes

    Anyone have success with trios?

    If you scroll down (or click #7 in the contents section on the right hand side of the page) at the following link to the section on Rabbit Groups and Trios, there is much good info there for reference:
  4. Blue eyes

    Trouble Grooming while He Moults

    You will know he's ingesting too much fur if you see his poos strung together like pearls. Be sure to encourage plenty of hay eating. Hay helps push the fur through his gut. You can encourage this by adding hay a few times per day. As for trying to brush him (even with your hand) make use of...
  5. Blue eyes

    Anyone have success with trios?

    I know of many rescues that have bonded trios available for adoption, but those were typically created by placing all 3 (stranger) rabbits together at the same time. If there is already a bonded pair, then adding a 3rd can, as you've mentioned, risk breaking up the original pair. Trios are...
  6. Blue eyes

    Outdoor rabbits

    I don't house my rabbits outdoors as it gets very hot where I live too. I thought you might enjoy browsing the thread that shows outdoor setups. I'll leave further comments to those that do house outdoors. :)
  7. Blue eyes


    On a side note, if rabbits are ever outside in an exercise pen, there must be someone sitting right there beside the pen at all times. (Consider it like the idea that one never walks away from a baby in a bathtub--- not for 1 second.) It only takes a couple seconds for a bird of prey to swoop...
  8. Blue eyes

    Pellet Free Diet?

    As other have noted, pellets should only make up a very small portion of their diet. But pellets do provide (and ensure that they get) needed minerals and nutrients. If one decides to go completely pellet free, then one should also be very closely analyzing and monitoring the nutritional...
  9. Blue eyes

    Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus type 2 In Arizona, Texas, and California

    A newer thread has been posted on this topic and can be found here" In those areas with outbreak, some vets have been able to request special permission to import the vaccines from Europe. So if you live in...
  10. Blue eyes

    A little warm outside this week ;)

    That readout is really a neat thing to have! Love it! Moving in the summertime here is no fun at all! Be sure you stay hydrated!! Sunday is supposed to be the hottest day coming up! 😲
  11. Blue eyes

    Can i put an un neutered buck with a neutered buck, or should i wait?

    There is no advantage to putting them together at this point. Hormones change everything. So even if they seemed to be best buddies right away, that can change on a dime when hormones kick in. They could suddenly begin fighting without any warning. That could sabotage their future bonding. As...
  12. Blue eyes

    A little warm outside this week ;)

    Humidity can be a bear as well! (Lived in MD and NC)
  13. Blue eyes

    Rabbits humping

    Videos are permitted. They are on here often. Perhaps the file is too large? Can you upload to youtube and then post the link? As for the humping, I'd say stop them. They shouldn't even be together until after she is spayed. Allowing them together now only risks an all out hormonal fight which...
  14. Blue eyes

    A little warm outside this week ;)

    Here's a screenshot of our forecast for the upcoming days for us...:cool:
  15. Blue eyes

    Bedding vs Litter

    I would disagree regarding bottles. I've seen a rabbit actually angrily biting the bottle tube trying to get more water. He was the rabbit that convinced me to change to bowls. I put a bowl under his bottle and he never touched the bottle again. Since then I've only used bowls for my rabbits...
  16. Blue eyes

    Bedding vs Litter

    Here's a similar one that comes in lots of sizes. I found one just like it but much cheaper at a pet store but at least this link shows that you can get bowls even larger than the 20 oz ones like the plastic one above...
  17. Blue eyes

    Bedding vs Litter

    This is the kind of bowl you can use... It can't be tipped or spilled. I used to use water bottles and when I switched to bowls I was shocked to see how much more the rabbits would drink. I felt bad that they had been deprived. They also eat more hay when they have more water. :)
  18. Blue eyes

    Bedding vs Litter

    I was looking over that Flemish link and noticed they suggest using a water bottle. That seems rather cruel to me for such a large rabbit. Bottles make tedious work of getting water and this often results in less water drinking. This is not healthy for a rabbit. A bowl would be more suitable...
  19. Blue eyes

    DIFFICULT BONDING (so far failed)...... 2 questions , address either if you can!!......

    In the UK they do. It is very rare to find a rescue in the US that will bond someone's rabbit with one of theirs. :(
  20. Blue eyes

    Retraining your rabbit to use the litter box?

    A thin sheet of wood could work. A stretch of rolled linoleum or vinyl flooring could also work except you'd have to do something to block the edges of the vinyl or bunny will likely chew on it. You could even try a snuggly fit piece of cardboard (attached with zip ties on the steps so it...