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  1. Ruki

    Hello fellow Bun lovers!

    Welcome! Cant wait for pics :)
  2. Ruki


    Welcome, your bunnies are super cute! The forum is a great place for everything bunny! Everyone here is so nice and helpful! I know you'll love it :)
  3. Ruki

    Introduction from PA

    awesome pics! Your pets are very cute :)
  4. Ruki

    Introduction from PA

    Welcome to the forum! rex rabbits are one of my favorite breeds of rabbit. I own one who I love dearly so the thought of them being used as food is upsetting but to each their own I guess... Im sure you'll enjoy the forum. There are lots of very sweet people here :biggrin2:
  5. Ruki

    New bun in the Addair household

    Aw, post pics!
  6. Ruki

    We have eyes.. I think. lol

    aww! Baby bunnies are the cutest EVER
  7. Ruki

    Here are some Pic's of my Dutchs and Mini Lop.

    Beautiful bunnies! Thanks for the pic. There home is very nice too! :biggrin:
  8. Ruki

    I love my bunnies!

    AHhh! They are sooo cute! Thanks for the pics :) Im glad they make you so happy! Bunnies are the BEST :hearts:
  9. Ruki

    Name Help?! *photos included*

    Jake is alright...for some reason Snickers is coming to mind lol and I dont want to name him that
  10. Ruki

    Pet shops give new rabbit owners wrong info on hutches!

    Wow, Bill's sounds like an awesome place! I'd love to visit!! :)
  11. Ruki

    This is SO beautiful. Everyone needs to see it

    Very nice video..I think I am WAY to emotional though..I started tearing up :rofl:
  12. Ruki

    Just bought a bunny with possible birth defect! Help!

    She is such a cute bun! Im a sucker for mini rex. I have a neutered male mini rex :) They are great bunnies! Keep us updated after the vet visit!
  13. Ruki

    Hello World! ♥

    Welcome to the forum! Your bunnies are so cute! I cant wait to see updated pictures and watch them grow. The forum is a wonderful place for bunny lovers like yourself, everyone is so friendly and helpful!
  14. Ruki

    Rabbit Cage Smells Awful!

    I'v done the vinegar soak many time before on cages and never had a problem with it stripping the wires???
  15. Ruki

    16 Day Old Kit's Eyes Aren't Open

    Thats good to hear! Glad the baby is ok..sometimes we all need a little help :) p.s. I sent you a PM
  16. Ruki

    Rabbit Cage Smells Awful!

    Try mixing it half vinegar and half water equally. Do it in the bathtub :) Youll need like 2 gallons white vinegar then
  17. Ruki

    What fur type is this?

    OMG I am in LOVEEEE with your curly haired babyyyyy!!!!! Im going to PM you :)
  18. Ruki

    Rabbit Cage Smells Awful!

    Soak the whole cage in white vinegar for like a hour then soak it in warm water for about another hour. That should get rid of the smell and no, it wont smell like vinegar when its done drying.
  19. Ruki

    Velvet Lions? Really??

    so weird! I found this website that has info on them and lots of pics...
  20. Ruki

    Hello Old Friends

    Welcome back. I dont think you know me. Im new here bu not so new to rabbits. Im in MD..I know where Powhatan, VA is though :)