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    Blog for the Bun-Buns!

    Is Kenosha very far from you? My cousin Gary lives there.Who won the match? Sammie is just like Pepper. I think there are distant twins. If you put together you won't know who's who :)
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    Blog for the Bun-Buns!

    You lead a busy life with all those lovely pets you have.:D
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    Cinnamon the Cinnabun's Bunderful Life

    You have an adorable bunny.:D
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    New here

    Hi and welcome to RO.:D
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    A happy bunny/ies

    We all love our little bunny/ies! The question is. When is your bunny/ies is the most happiest and what do he/she do when being excited? When she is out of her cage scattering around the house and. the hops, jumps. twists her body as she dose I know that she is a happy and contented and I...
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    How old is your bunny?

    Pepper is not a year old yet, she's still a baby only 9 months old.:D
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    Pepper being very naughty

    Thank you all. Little devil bit me yesterday as I was taking out her food bowel to refill it with pellets. I have more pictures of her. I love my cuddles Being camera shy Phew they stink get the airfreshner out me being out side for the first time and I like more grass to nibble on and...
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    Pepper being very naughty

    Wabbitdad12 wrote: You're properly right there. She's telling to start decotating in the room she's in :biggrin2:
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    Pepper being very naughty

    As she got older she has become more docile and her behaviour is not so bad as it was when we had when she was a few mouths old.
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    Pepper being very naughty

    Oh is he. Have you got any photos of him? But them together and could be brother and sister :D
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    Video of Rabbit Giving Birth

    What amazing video. I've never seen the birth of the little kittens being born. Now I had a chance to see thanks to you.
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    Live Owl Cam.

    Oh wow she has two little chics.A big thank you.
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    Pepper being very naughty

    It all started with my Step daughter having 2 little bunnies. I wanted one then so fiend of mine suggested to go to the pet shop near me which was around the corner from me. So I went the shop and I had seen 4 baby bunnies which I fell in love with all, but I had to choose one. I had put my had...
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    I've close my account on there. I didn't find that impressive tell you truth
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    Clipping claws

    Oh an interesting info you gave me thanks
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    Clipping claws

    Hi Crys I will rephrase from claws to nails. Why use flour? if the bleeding happens. Thanks for the info.
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    Silly Rabbits

    She sounds a right little character up to mischieve and being very naught. But she's a lovely one though.
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    Photo's of your Gardens!!

    In the UK it's started to get warmer as the Spring season it just around the corner infact it starts this weekend. Some of the plants and flowers started to bud already:D
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    What's the background behind your bun's name?

    The reason why I named my bunny Pepper. it's cos of the colour of her coat. Something simple like that:D
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    Urinating in the litterbox, but defacating outside of it?

    Your bunny will eventually use the his litter tray. it took Pepper to use it properly a 4/8 weeks after neutering. Plus like most of the members had said it's marking their territory. I won't worry about too much.