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  1. Imbrium

    Until the next lifetime, Nallies!

    Our beloved Nala passed away last night, just two months shy of ten years old. We knew her time was coming, and we got to talk to her about it and say goodbye and she died in my arms. I have no doubt that we will meet her again in another lifetime if she doesn’t come back to us in this lifetime.
  2. Imbrium

    Rabbit ate lime peel ?

    Lime peel won't hurt your bunny. I occasionally feed lemon (find and all) to mine, though only 2/4 like it.
  3. Imbrium

    When your bunny stops eating, take her/him to the vet! Its an emergency!

    Gi stasis is definitely a medical emergency for bunnies. I've nursed rabbits through it a number of times, but I've also had two rabbits die to it despite vet treatment. It's important to both treat their pain and determine the underlying cause of the gi stasis. I'm so sorry for your loss...
  4. Imbrium

    Need to "fatten" up my bunny?

    If a rabbit stops eating, that condition is called gi stasis and is a medical emergency. Fat reserves won't help - rabbits have a digestive tract that needs to be constantly moving. Too many carbs/excess fat on a rabbit puts them at risk for things like diabetes and arthritis. If your bunny...
  5. Imbrium

    Horrific rabbit death

    Best of luck to you in your fight to get justice for Ronnie. Binky free, little Ronnie - hopefully your death will be the last one caused by these uncaring dog owners.
  6. Imbrium

    Bunny passed away, can’t seem to overcome grief and guilt..

    Aww, that's very sweet of you! I'm happy with his decorated urn, though - it makes me giggle when I look at it and remember him fondly. If you wish to repay me for my help, then I'd love you to 'pay it forward' instead by helping out others on the forum with advice or comforting words. Give...
  7. Imbrium

    Rabbit less active

    Breeders tend to feed unlimited pellets... but rabbits who are unaltered aren't nearly as prone to obesity as spayed/neutered house rabbits (and have higher caloric needs, especially pregnant or lactating does). The advice that works well for breeders isn't always what's best for pet rabbit...
  8. Imbrium

    Rabbit less active

    At 5 mos old, they can technically still have unlimited pellets... though by that age, I usually recommend limiting somewhat (around 2x what their pellet ration will be as an adult, based on expected adult weight). HRS suggests limiting pellets starting at 7 mos to 1/2 c per 6 lbs. There's...
  9. Imbrium

    Rabbit less active

    Has her appetite been normal (and is she getting lots of hay)? Also, what have your indoor temperatures been like lately? I ask because if you've started running the heater recently when things had been cooling off, she might've been preparing a winter coat and is now a little warm - rabbits...
  10. Imbrium

    Nala's tell-all blog! Quad-bonding and more! Nala, Alice, Harley Quinn and Barnaby (aka Big Bunny).

    It's getting really serious, guys. I'm scared to go into my own living room. If you could see the faces on these rabbit girls, you'd understand. They're ready to riot in the streets. It's "all hands on deck," "terror alert red," you name it. Everybody DEMANDS an explanation and I DON'T G-...
  11. Imbrium

    Nala's tell-all blog! Quad-bonding and more! Nala, Alice, Harley Quinn and Barnaby (aka Big Bunny).

    "Thwart" is one of my absolute favorite words! My mom was a linguist (had PhDs in Deaf Education and Speech Therapy) and I had a ridiculous vocabulary from a very young age... I've always really gone out of my way to find the 'perfect' word for any situation :P.
  12. Imbrium

    Docile rabbits...

    If he's truly a Holland and 5-6 mos old, then he's a) just about full grown and b) a true dwarf. The two Hollands I've had have been false dwarves (no dwarf gene) and weigh(ed) about 4.5 lbs as an adult. On a side note, the name Dortmund makes me and husband giggle, is truly awesome and is...
  13. Imbrium

    Docile rabbits...

    Oh, I got off on a tangent... rotten rabbits like Bugs... that's how HQ was when we got her, too, spoiled as heck :P. Dortmund, I think just needs the act of being handled to become "routine".
  14. Imbrium

    Nala's tell-all blog! Quad-bonding and more! Nala, Alice, Harley Quinn and Barnaby (aka Big Bunny).

    This is pathetic. I seriously don't know whether to laugh or cry. I put him on the "rabbit (and cat) shelf of the computer desk to keep me company and the next thing you know he's squished up way in the back like this. Like somebody is literally coming to kill him and make rabbit stew. Poor...
  15. Imbrium

    Docile rabbits...

    One way to discipline a rabbit is to firmly but gently press their head to the ground the way a mommy rabbit would. They *will* understand that you're saying to knock off what they're doing... they may or may not care though, lol. Very much doubt it would work on Bugs, for example :P. Nipping...
  16. Imbrium

    Nala's tell-all blog! Quad-bonding and more! Nala, Alice, Harley Quinn and Barnaby (aka Big Bunny).

    *Runs around in a panic*. It's a rabbit mutiny, run for your lives!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! The rabbit room TV is broken and they're mad enough to throw elbows!! If you don't hear from me again, call a hostage negotiator.
  17. Imbrium

    Docile rabbits...

    Harley Quinn is aptly named, lol... she arrived at our home full of attitude, formerly an "only child" (3 1/2 and had been the only pet in her former home, where I can only surmise that she was the boss of her humans). That doesn't fly in my house, lol. Me parent, rabbit child. Mommy is the...
  18. Imbrium

    Considering a third bunny...

    I've successfully done a trio (adding a male to 2 bonded females) in the past. No problems with it upsetting the pair, we just all had to teach Norman not to be a buttmunch. We've currently got four... We got Barnaby for Nala after Layne passed away... Alice got spayed at the same time so...
  19. Imbrium

    REPOST: Bunny Bonding Woes -- HELP

    When we do car ride bonding it's four rotten rabbits and one rotten husband loose in the backseat :D. If someone (*glares at Alice*) gets feisty and starts trouble, they get a time out with me up front for a few minutes. We often end up at the pet store... I put a towel in the bottom of the...
  20. Imbrium

    REPOST: Bunny Bonding Woes -- HELP

    A good next step may be to forgo the carrier and let them have some space to move around in the backseat with you, as well as perhaps lengthening the duration of the car rides (how long have you been driving around for?).