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    Best toys you ever got..

    It's obviously this weird weather we have beenhaving in the N. East cause my rabbit's willing to run around and playhas become few and far between. I have searched high and low for goodrabbit toys and Manhattan is not interested in anything. Aside from theobvious cheap toys (cardboard and boxes)...
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    Hey everyone! I don't know if it's the weather or just a case of the terrible two's,but Manhattan is devouring his litter boxes. He's chewing the sideslike a crazy little bunny and all the bitter sprays in the world won'tstop him. I'm open for any and all suggestions. Thanks! Meghan
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    Cavy Cages

    Ever since I made Manhattan his cage he's loved it. I've never had any problems with it. I would really like to let him get in and out of his cage (of couse when I'm home)at his own will rather than me have to pick him up to take him out. Is there any way to make a hinge-like door on these...
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    Best way to clip nails

    I can't even tell you the last time I was on this site. It's been awhile. Anyway, I have been trying for awhile to clip Manhattan's nails backand he is not having it. I find it odd that my vet doesn't do it or atleast that's what they told me over the phone. I've successfullyclipped the back...
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    Wild Rabbits

    Even though I really didn't know him, I'venoticed something really weird. Ever since I saw on the boards thatBuck Jones passed, I've seen two wild bunnies in one week of hispassing. I live in New Jersey and the weather has been weird, like high90's then low 70's. Ususally traveling on the Garden...
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    Manhattan's Sneezing

    Hey everyone. I know, I haven't been on here inlikea million years, but Manhattan has just started sneezingthe other day. His nose is a little wet, he's been rubbing it everyonce in awhile, but it's clear. What should I do? Greatly appreciateit. Thanx. Meghan
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    New pics of Manhattan!

    Hey Everyone! I know I haven't posted here in what seems like ages, I finally have aday off and I have nothing to do, so I uploaded pics on mycomputer.Here are some new pics of Manhattan..and boy has hegrown! This was the 1st pic I ever took, the day after I got him These are from a few...
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    Biting the carpet..

    Hey everyone! Since Manhattan is a big bully and kept knocking over the gate in thekitchen, I finally let him roam the downstairs part of the house (mydining room and living room). He's fully potty trained, so I didn'tfear any accidents or anything. He's just now starting to bite andscratch at...
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    Ahhh! Shedding!

    Hey everyone! OMG, just realizing that I haven'tposted on here in a loooog time. Glad I'm back though, I miss lookingat all your pictures (I'll get on the picture thing soon, I got a newcomputer and I don't wanna screw anything up) and reading all yourposts about what your babies are up to...
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    OT: I'm in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

    Hey everyone! Since you all have been my bunny saving graces, I'd had to share withyou all that I'm gonna be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Mybrother (who's in it with me) works for Macy's. From the instructionsthat we've gotten, we are in with theSuper Grover balloon.Since he is the...
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    For all who've had their rabbits syaped/neutered..

    Hey guys! I'm planning on getting Manhattan neutered since he's been reallyfrisky and nipping me and stratching my boyfriend to no end. I justwanted to ask a few questions so that when I go to the vet, I can askhim and make sure that everything will run smoothly. I wanted to knowif you need to...
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    Horny rabbit

    I think the title speaks for itself, LOL! I'mlooking into getting Manhattan neutered, looking for the right vet. Anysuggestions? I'd really appreciate it. Thanx. Meghan
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    Hey everyone! Just wanted to know what you all use on your rabbits to get rid ofhairballs? I'm still useing the dried papaya, but I only noticed thefur in Manhattan's droppings like the first few times I had given it tohim. I don't really see it too much when I clean out the cage and Iknow it's...
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    Rabbit food at Target?!?!

    I'm baaack! I've been MIA the past week or so. But anyway, I live in Jersey, so I'm not sure if all the Target's sellthis, but I saw a pretty reasonably sized bag of rabbit food forlike$5 or 6$(I think it was like dried corn andsomething else, I don't remember. I just wanted to know if that...
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    Big droppings

    Manhattan has been having really big droppings,kinda mushy. I know it's not diareha (sp?) since he had that when I gothim and I took him to the vet and all that fun stuff. They gave memedication. I gave it to him yesterday and again today, but the problemis still there. What else should I do...
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    New Pic of Manhattan

    I posted a pic back, for all of you who rememberof Manhattan when I got him. He's certainly gotten bigger, and since Iwanted to update a few pictures, here's the most recent one I took. Meghan
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    I always give Manhattan fresh water twice a dayand fill it to the top like your supposed to. He does drink his water,just not a lot of it. Is this normal? Meghan
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    Corn cob?

    I'm having corn on the cob with dinner tonite and just wanted to know if it was safe to give Manhattan corn cob. Thanx. Meghan
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    OT: Animated Smilies

    I can't help but laugh at some of the animatedsmilies that have been used on the board. Just wanted to know whatwebsite(s) you can get them on. I used to know of one, but when I wentto the URL yesterday, it didn't exist. Meghan
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    Pic of my Manhattan

    I'm so computer illiterate and I'm trying to post a pic or 2 of my rabbit. Here's hoping that it works. Meghan