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  1. Kaden@oakleyrabbitry


    My rabbit gave birth to 2 baby’s that were live and 1 dead. She then passed away. I am sure it was from some complications but I need to know what is recommended to do with the baby’s as I want to keep them alive. I don’t have access to any other mother but I do have access to other senior does...
  2. Kaden@oakleyrabbitry

    Chinchilla Dutch Variety

    Hello, I have a question. In all of the shows, I have been to in my area I have never seen Chinchilla Dutch. I breed dutch, Specifically Black, Blue, and Tort. I am looking into Chincilla dutch and can't really find out how they are breed. Does anyone know what two varieties you breed or how you...
  3. Kaden@oakleyrabbitry


    Just curious, How do you all feed pellets. Say you are feeding pellets and you feed a cup a day. Would you feed that cup all at once in the morning or would you do half a cup in the morning and half a cup at night? Kind of just want to know what you guys do as I feed half a cup to my dutch...
  4. Kaden@oakleyrabbitry

    Will these work?

    Hello, I just wanted to make sure that these are safe for rabbits I see some reviews that say yes but just want to double-check. The only ingredient is oil sunflower seeds...